How to pour a beer with the help of Pegasus devices ?

How to pour a beer with the help of Pegasus devices ?
You will need:
  • Devices Pegas
  • Kebab
  • Kreaetki
# 1

For the fastest and without spill beer foam beverage used very popular Pegas device.With their help, the spill is carried out by a specific method - the method of pressure.That is an empty container is filled with gas, which is under pressure.Foam formation is not going on, because of its formation need to come out to the surface of the gas bubbles, and in this case, the pressure in the bottle they do not allow this.After trying to use this device will be clear how to pour beer.

# 2

Kebab - a dish with its own history and its own traditions, which is prepared from meat (usually lamb), cut into small pieces, marinated in advance (or marinade recipes and also different).Then the way is prepared roasting or frying (frying very rarely) in the rods of metal or wood.In today's world they are called skewers, which are placed on a baking grill - a device for roasting shish kebab.Every housewife has her recipe for a marinade for meat and each

was proud of him.

# 3

To the recipe came from her great-grandmother, and someone had read in an old magazine or cookbook.Now let's talk about how to marinate skewers beer.Ingredients that need: pork tenderloin - 1.5 kg, big onions - 3 or 4 pieces (who he loves), a bottle of beer, the best white, but who and how to love.Just white beer considered a classic for marinating shish kebab.And of course a large number of spices, such as paprika, black pepper, mustard, salt and bay leaf.So, but the recipe itself.Meat should be cut into medium pieces and put in a separate bowl.Next, you need a well-chopped meat with salt, but certainly not to overdo a good and pepper.

# 4

After adding a grain of mustard, to kebab was the most fragrant.Finally there comes the so-called moment of truth.How to open a bottle of beer, everyone knows.But what Skewers can pour a beer, not all.As a result, in small portions, in a bowl filled with barbecue beer.Next, mix thoroughly until the meat is not saturated.And after the last operation, be sure to wash your hands.Onions cut into rings and add to the bowl with the meat.Plastic wrap tight fitting pan and put in the refrigerator overnight.Now everyone knows how to marinate skewers beer.

# 5

Few of the common people know what shrimp belong to the order of crustaceans.They are widely distributed throughout the world's seas.Fresh water mastered many types.Fauna shrimp consists of more than a hundred species.commercial fishing objects are many representatives.Also, there are special farms, which are grown different types of shrimp.Now let's talk about how to cook shrimp to beer.If frozen shrimp, they definitely need to defrost!In pan pour half of the water and other ingredients are added, based on 1 kg of shrimp.Thus, ingredients: 2 bay leaves, 1 bunch of dill, allspice (peas few), 2 cloves, 1 onion and salt to taste.Shrimp thrown into the water as soon as it comes to a boil, cover with a lid, and then immediately remove from heat.Allow to stand 2 to 3 minutes, then poured into water.Royal dish is ready!