How to make ice cream on a stick in the home: the recipe

How to make ice cream on a stick in the home: the recipe
You will need:
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • fruits or berries
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Wooden sticks
# 1

To eat ice cream, not necessarily to buyin his shop.Just enough to know how to make ice cream at home.If you use the right cooking technique treat anything will not concede to the fact that you can buy.And useful properties, it also wins stores analogue.Ice cream made many centuries ago, but then it was a mixture of frozen fruits.Now the dessert varieties of this much more, just need to choose according to your taste.In addition, due to the high content of mineral substances that produce the hormone of happiness - serotonin, ice cream, you can even pick up your mood.

# 2

However, in the preparation of ice cream you need to pay attention to the fat content of products, of which it is made.Man Weight Watchers, it is better to prefer the lighter kinds of ice cream, and monitor the quality of the products that it includes.The easiest way to do popsicles, besides it the least calories and you can use

it without much damage to the figure.In this case we can choose the fruit or berries that person like the most, they can be mixed and combined in the most unexpected combinations.It can be used to prepare a popsicle as fresh fruits and frozen.But, when it comes to the latter, they should be pre-defrost.

# 3

There are different recipes for sorbet.For example, a very tasty lemon.To cook the fruit is necessary to get rid of the peel, cut into small pieces and pour two hundred and fifty grams of milk.The same amount of milk to mix with half a teaspoon of starch and boil.Thereafter, the resulting mixture should be slightly less than half drive cup sugar.Then connect the two parts and put in the freezer.Usually just two - three hours.Another recipe for fruit ice cream - strawberry.To cook it you will need about a kilo of berries, nearly full cup of sugar.We need to take three eggs, separate the whites from the yolks.With the mixer Whip proteins with sugar, strawberries milled separately and mixed with the resulting mass.

# 4

Thereafter enough to pour it all on special molds, which can be purchased in the store.You can also make other kind of fruit ice cream, adding there except strawberries, kiwi and even the juice of apples.To do this, all the fruit should be cut into small pieces and spread out on the shaper.At the same time if you wish, you can make ice cream like a shoplifter option.To do this, you need to know how to make ice cream on a stick in the home.And this is done simply.The fruit lying in tins, you need to plug these same sticks.Then they all pour apple juice and put in the freezer.After the mixture had thickened, cream ready.

# 5

Of course, not everyone likes ice cream from fruit.Most people enjoy more kinds of high-calorie treats.It is not difficult to prepare ice cream of vanilla.This will require fatter cream (half a kilo), vanilla, a quarter cup of sugar and eggs (three - four pieces).In the first place should be the cream mixed with vanilla, and then put on medium heat.It is necessary to stir the ice cream in the cooking process, so as not burnt.Bring the mixture to a boil, add the sugar and continue it boil thoroughly until it is dissolved.Separately it is necessary to shake up proteins, then pour them into something that was cooked on the stove and put everything together in the freezer.

# 6

One of the most delicious kinds of ice cream, cream is considered.For him, too, need the same amount of cream, as well as for vanilla, condensed milk (one bank), vanilla sugar.You can also take a peach or orange, which should be crushed to a pulp.Sugar with whipped cream, condensed milk is added to the same.All kneaded until smooth.The molds first need to pour a creamy mass, and put crushed fruit on it.To cream thickens sufficiently four - five hours.Instead of peaches or oranges can use other fruit or berries to your liking.The ice cream is also possible to add sticks and make a delicious and original treat.

# 7

Some sweet tooth prefer ice cream with the addition of chocolate or coffee.They, too, it is possible to do at home.To create a delicious treat of chocolate, you need to take a tile of chocolate, which people prefer (but the best black).You will also need sugar (three tablespoons), cream (about three hundred milliliters) and half a cup of milk.Last ingredient should be warmed, to add sugar and chocolate broken into pieces.The fire, which cooks the mixture should be done slowly and stir constantly dish waiting for the chocolate dissolves.Thereafter, the resultant mixture to cool.Meanwhile, it is possible to do whipping cream, which should then be added in bulk.Next, pour everything on the cups and send it in the freezer.