How quickly pickle cabbage tastes best ?

How quickly pickle cabbage tastes best ?
You will need:
  • Cabbage
  • Sol
  • Carrot
  • Vinegar
  • Tara
  • Onions, garlic
# 1

Everyone is aware of the usefulness of cabbage.The most famous varieties of cabbage are: cabbage, of red, savoy, broccoli, kohlrabi, Chinese.It can be boiled, stewed, fried, and what a delicious cabbage meatballs, stuffed cabbage and more.But the purpose of this article is to analyze the beneficial properties of cabbage and answer the question: how to pickle cabbage.So, cabbage just overflowing different useful biological substances that helps a person to deal with many of their diseases.For example, it helps in the treatment of kidney, thyroid, and its role in removing different types of inflammation - indispensable.Therefore, since ancient times, mankind uses this amazing vegetable in a completely different order.

# 2

Since ancient times, the Slavs were engaged in salting, marinating, pickling cabbage for the winter.It always looks like a ritual, but in modern times, when humanity is more fast paced life, no

time for rituals.Therefore, the question arises: how to pickle cabbage quickly?The first method is to pickle cabbage quickly, fairly easy to use and reliable.So you need three three-liter jars, which are filled with shredded cabbage, with each new layer is also sprinkled grated carrot and cumin.Cumin is added according to personal taste.After filling, vegetables - each bank is filled with one liter of water diluted with two tablespoons of salt in stone, of course, it is desirable that the water from the well, but in extreme cases, of course the variant of a conventional crane.

# 3

Then the banks are covered with gauze and all.The only thing you need to remember that it's about from time to time to pierce the layers of a special long stick (such good stead play sticks out of the land), it is necessary to release the accumulated gases.But three days later, it is necessary to report to each jar sugar, one stolovoylozhke.When the cabbage is settled, it is necessary to shift it from the three - two banks.But the Vietnamese seem to know better the Slavs as quickly pickle cabbage!.To prepare the cabbage in Vietnamese will need 300 grams of cabbage, 200 grams of carrots, 3 onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic necessarily, 1.5 tablespoons 9% vinegar.

# 4

Brine also requires 0.5 liters of water and 5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of salt, 15 pieces of fragrant pepper, bay leaf 3, 1 pod hot pepper.So, you need to wash the cabbage and shred not on a coarse grater, and in shallow, ie sticks.Carrots also wash, peel and chop the other way around - on a coarse grater.Bow rinse with cold water and cut into rings.All this put the balls in the prepared capacity in the order of the cabbage, so that it covers the bottom of the banks, then part of the carrot, so that she is completely covered the cabbage, then cover the bowl of onions.In the same way the rest of the balls put vegetables.Then you need to peel the garlic and cut it slices, put the last ball, and then pour a jar of vegetables in vinegar.

# 5

Once done hard work at first, you need to separately prepare garlic.To do this, pour water into the pan, add the salt in there, sugar, sweet-scented pepper, peas, bay leaf, hot pepper.All this stir and put on fire, bring to a boil and hold for 1 minute.That brine and ready.It remains only to fill their vegetables in the pot to the edge.It remains the last - close the jar with a lid and leave only first 12 hours pickled cabbage at room temperature, and then directly into the refrigerator.After a further 12 watches - Vietnamese sprouts ready for consumption.That is all you will need 24 hours.But there is another, more economical and fast way to quickly zamolosolit cabbage.We need to take a head of cabbage, 2 carrots.

# 6

On the brine is just what you need and that 3 liters of water and a cup of salt.So, simply boiled brine such a primitive and premature shredded cabbage with carrots lowered only for one minute in the boiling brine, and then folded into an enamel bowl.But we must not forget that each layer is shifted bay leaf and allspice.After this procedure is not fanciful - applied pressure for 3 days, and as in the first case it is necessary to pierce stick to release the accumulated gas.Keep in the refrigerator naturally.Despite all the above, we must remember that the cabbage, cabbage even has different varieties, and it is late or early.And so it should be remembered that for yeast, pickles fit late varieties, namely, Kharkiv and Snow White.

# 7

At the use of these sorts of cabbage leaves crisp, juicy, and preserved it longer and better And here, for example Amager grade, more suitable for cooking borscht and cabbage.If this sort of pickle, it will lead to a complete disappointment, since leaven cabbage that is dry, except that it leaves quite rough cutting.According to the advice of professional chefs must also be careful when cutting the cabbage.First green leaves can not be used.We must look carefully at the fact that between the leaves were not caterpillars or aphids and slugs.This council has a good reason, because if anything will get in the bank, then the dish will give an unpleasant smell, and the cabbage starts to turn sour and spoil quickly, mold will appear.

# 8

Another mistress note: In no case can not proceed to the preparation of cabbage in a bad mood, if not subject to this rule - the cabbage starts to taste bitter.An important rule of thumb is the fact that it is desirable to pickle cabbage for the fifth or sixth day after the rising of the new moon.If you do not follow this rule and to pickle it in a full month, then the cabbage begins to rapidly deteriorate and it will be too soft and acidic.But it can whip any day, but not on Thursday, as in this case, there is a possibility of mold.In summing up how quickly salt the cabbage, the first place went cooking cabbage in Vietnamese.