How to make a car for two?

How to make a car for two?
You will need:
  • sales contract
  • perseverance
# 1

Russian Civil Code provides for joint ownership of the objects property.Unfortunately, setting the rules for registration of vehicles in the traffic police authorities (p. 24) provides for the possibility of setting the machine to register with only one indication of the owner of the vehicle passport.Same way, today the rules of registration does not provide an answer to the question of how to make a car for two in the issued GIBBD documents on the machine as the participant's movements (TCP)

# 2

However, the document establishing the rulesownership of a car is a contract for its purchase.It is necessary to specify both the owners and their share in the joint property.If the owner - spouse, then as a supplementary measure, the establishment of joint ownership can be an appeal to the notary and agreement on the division of marital property, which will be specified vehicle's status as being in joint ownership.When deciding how to make th

e car to his son, in addition to his wife, notarization of such an agreement impossible.

# 3

Theoretically, the point 20 of the rules of registration states: "Vehicles, except as provided for in this Regulation shall be registered for the owners of vehicles - natural or legal persons referred to in the prisoners in the established order agreements or otherdocuments proving ownership. "Thus, two points of the rules conflict with each other and to the second owner in the TCP can be a court decision.In principle, the failure of the second owner in the PTS does not complicate the problem, how to decorate the car.In Ukraine, for example, the agreement is more than enough if you travel there by car and behind the wheel of the owner, not specified in the TCP.

# 4

On the other hand, legal documents is a contract, and the vehicle registration document only confirms the right of ownership, and sometimes the game by making the second owner in PTSD is not worth the candle.Registration GIBBD only captures one of the owners as a road user.Although carry a package of documents on the machine copy of the contract is not always convenient.Therefore it is necessary to insist on the version, the best way to issue machine to TCP was introduced in the mark of the existence of the second owner.This practice exists.

# 5

And finally, if the car is bought on credit, when deciding how to get credit for the car, the bank should be put on notice that the owners will be two.The second owner must also appear in the contracts of credit and collateral.In short, a lot of questions documenting the owners of two or more cars, and some of the questions to be decided by the legislator to date.