How to make a warrant to removal of the child ?

How to make a warrant to removal of the child ?
You will need:
  • Passport
  • Child's birth certificate
  • civil passport
# 1

often happens that parents can not go with your child to relax, izfor high employment on the job, and grandparents on the other hand, only a little more excited about the opportunity to spend time with their grandchildren.But then the question arises - how to make a power of attorney for the export of the child abroad, because minors are not allowed to cross the border on their own, without an accompanying person.authorities frequently give conflicting information about how to remove the child.This leads to the fact that parents spend extra money and draw up a power of attorney notary in those cases when it is not required.In contrast, the rest can be irretrievably ruined if authorization to leave the child will not be available at the time when it is really necessary.

# 2

Many people mistakenly believe that when one parent is traveling with the child abroad, then the second is required notarised power of attorne

y with a resolution to leave the child.But actually it is not.If the birth certificate inscribed both parents, the Border Service has no right to forbid them to travel, as well as to require any additional documents.That is, it will be enough to show the child's birth certificate and passport (or a passport, if the child does not separate and is inscribed in the passport of the parent).Border guards in some countries like arbitrarily to complicate the rules of entry, requiring the production of documents, but must remember that all of these actions.

# 3

If the child is traveling abroad without their parents, but with someone from the next of kin, in this case a power of attorney is required, despite the degree of kinship.It can be issued at any nearest notary public, it does not take much time.You should have a civilian passport of the parent, a birth certificate, civil passport trustee.Permission for export shall be made in free form, the basic requirements - is the presence in power of attorney trip dates, country of destination, the passport data trustee, passport data of parents, information about the child exported.This permission allows the child and accompanying person seamlessly pass any border without presenting additional questions.

# 4

going abroad rules allow parents not to issue a separate passport for the child, and paste it into your photo.But this method is not very convenient because in this case the child will not be able to travel on their own, without their parents.Therefore, at present it is strongly recommended to issue separate passports for children, from infancy.This is convenient, t. To. The biometric passports are issued a new model for 10 years, and during this period will not have to think about how to send the child abroad apart from their parents.The state duty for the issue of such a passport to a minor 2-fold lower than usual, so it is not only convenient, but also profitable from the standpoint of economy.

# 5

should remember that the power of attorney issued to the removal of the child is only a notary and certified by him.Simple hand-written resolution may be passed by border guards, while a notarized receipt is the basis for the passage of the child together with the accompanying person.It is better to issue a power of attorney given in advance, and do not worry about it later.It may prescribe any notary, registration time will take no more than 5-10 minutes, and the average cost of a similar resolution ranges from 500 to 1000 rubles.