How to issue an extract from the employment history ?

How to issue an extract from the employment history ?
You will need:
  • Blank organization
  • template to fill an extract from the employment history
  • Workbook employee
  • Signature of
  • Printing company
# 1

work book is a documentwhich confirms the work experience and the whole career employee, starting with the first employment.In different situations should be provided to employees in the service requesting confirmation of their employment, such as the selection committee for admission to college.Keep in mind that an extract from the employment history - it is a separate document, not just a certified copy of the book itself.Also, the document fills the approved form, so it is necessary to draw a clear and showing all the required data.

# 2

First, you need to take the original employment record and the form of organization, which will be formalized statement itself.On the form, check the presence of all the registration data of the employer, as well as address and contact telephone numbers.Below is a blank is filled with the serial number

of the document and the date of its issuance.Then in the middle of a large sheet of paper is indicated in bold title: "An extract from the employment history".Below is necessary to register the position and name of the person who will sign the document.After all the formal requisites are filled can proceed directly to the registration of the main text.

# 3

As soon as the name of the extract is indicated, all data on the title page of the work book, its number, surname, name and patronymic of the employee, date of birth, as well as education and occupation.Below is the initial date of issue of the work book.These data must be entered on the principle, each point on its line.Then it fills the entire labor activity of the employee, starting with the first record and ending with the current place of work.If an employee is granted an application for a discharge, which indicates what kind of period of work experience is required, then you need to find an entry at the beginning of the requested period, and fill from this date.

# 4

employee's work takes the form of a table, entitled as "information about the work."The columns in the table are treated just like employment records, that is, the serial number of the record date, information on hiring, transfer or dismissal.The last column is the order, on the basis of which the entry was made.Names can be rewritten from the workbook itself.Filled table work as accurately and in the same manner as she employment history.The last entry of information will be the current place of work, with the obligatory indication that the employee works to the present day, and the position they have.

# 5

the prepared statement must be again carefully checked against the labor card, and only then to refer to the signature of the head.In the document signed by the organization affixed seal and the original is given to the request, the staff personally.Validity of the documents are the key to a good relationship of employees in the future, and therefore do not rush to the issuance of extracts from personal data, and carefully examine the entries.If there is an opportunity to give the employee a document for review before signing, it is best to take advantage of, in order to avoid embarrassing typos.