How to recover VAT on the purchase of an apartment : a VAT refund in favor of interest on the loan

How to recover VAT on the purchase of an apartment : a VAT refund in favor of interest on the loan
You will need:
  • passport
  • certificate of ownership
  • purchase agreement
  • documents confirming the cost of buying an apartment
# 1

The realities of our time are such thatcare for the Lodging of its citizens, the state shifted smoothly to the shoulders of the citizens themselves.More 25 years ago, standing in line for a number of years, people get a chance to become a happy owner of a warrant for the apartment.With the beginning of perestroika this possibility has sunk into oblivion, but there was another - to buy housing for their own money and become its owner.For people who have invested in the purchase of housing finance, the state established a privilege.It consists in the fact that every citizen can exercise their right and receive a refund of VAT when buying an apartment.Anyone who pays taxes, is given such a right, but it can apply only one time in his life.At the end of the hassle associated with the purchase of apartments, the question arises, what are the ways to return the VAT f

or purchased square meters.First of all, you need to know that the tax refund is possible in 30 per cent of the amount and rate of no more than 2 000 000.It begins (back) from the year in which the apartment was purchased.Returned VAT should not be greater than or equal to the amount of taxes paid in the current year.

# 2

realize the right to a tax deduction can be in two different ways.For those who can not wait to return part of the money spent, you can not wait for the end of the year.Suffice it at any time apply to the inter-district tax authority at the place of residence.The application of the established sample is required to attach a copy of the contract and act of transfer, certificate of ownership and documents confirming the fact and amount of payment for the purchased object, a certificate form 2 PIT.The term of consideration of the application - one month.If the test is successful, it will be decided to grant the applicant a notification for a tax deduction.From the moment when it will be handed over at the place of work, withholding income tax will be suspended.That is the VAT refund will be done in small amounts over a long period.Second VAT refund method is recommended for those who want to get the entire amount accumulated for the year at the same time taxes.In this case, the need to wait until the end of the calendar year and up to the end of April to submit tax return forms PIT 3.

# 3

It is necessary to reflect all income earned in the past year, the taxes that have been assessed and paid, and given the amount of funds that have been spent to buy an apartment.Declaration can be provided in person, and can be sent by mail.To it is necessary to make all copies of the above documents in the first case.In the Declaration of verification is given 3 months, after which you need to re-visit the tax office, and if it was true and it was decorated desk audit, write a statement, it listed the details of the bank and the account to which the money can be returned.When buying an apartment was accomplished using a home loan or a mortgage, the tax deduction can be applied to the interest paid on them.If VAT exceeds the amount of taxes paid in the current year, the payment of advances to the next year and so on until the date of its maturity.