How to write a review on a claim ?

How to write a review on a claim ?
You will need:
  • statement of claim and the documents attached thereto
  • paper, computer
  • GIC and substantive law
# 1

received the statement of claim and familiarized with it, the firstthing to do - to outline a plan of action reviews.As a rule, court document contains a number of items on which the plaintiff bases his arguments.Each paragraph should give a detailed objection with reference to the law and the evidence.In case of doubt or ignorance of the law and lack of understanding of the legal language, you can go for a consultation with a lawyer preparing a review Review with him.

# 2

should be noted that a review of action is not binding on the civil proceedings.Rather, it is - the right of the defendant.Meanwhile, to feedback from federal and justices of the peace are positive.It is much easier to learn and understand the position of the parties as set out in the paper literate language.In the arbitration process, on the contrary.Courts impose a duty to submit a comment or object

ion.As the arbitration practice, well-written review often influences the outcome of the case in favor of the defendant.By the way, the same can be said of the review drawn up in the proceedings in the courts of general jurisdiction.In practice, there are judgments where the motivation is completely written off the revocation of the defendant.

# 3

As the statement of claim, an objection must contain the following details: name and address of the court, information on the parties and their addresses, will not be superfluous to specify the case number.Incidentally, in this arbitration requirement is mandatory.In the recall should be set out in detail all the reasons for which the respondent agrees or disagrees with the statement of claim.Under Russian law, both civil and arbitration process differ competitiveness and equality.Therefore, the recall is allowed not only to refute the arguments of the plaintiff, but also make their own calculations, give evidence and specify the substantive law.

# 4

volume reviews the law contains no restrictions.However, it should be remembered that express their thoughts only need essentially stated claims.No lyrical digressions and "water"!If the defendant or a third party constitute a review, will speak about the circumstances, is not relevant to the case, the court simply did not take them into account and completely ignore.In the case of objections to indicate the presence of any documents or other evidence, they should be attached to the review.If necessary, the document can make an application for the recovery of any evidence that the party can not get on their own.

# 5

objections to the suit are made according to the number of persons involved in the case.A similar rule is presented and to the accompanying documents.In the final part of the review is necessary to present his request to the Court:.. To dismiss the claim of partial satisfaction of the claim, on the termination of the proceedings, etc. Review of action can be sent by mail.It is better to do it in advance by registered letter with acknowledgment.Then the date of receipt of the letter by the court, will be known to the sender.The second option of awarding reviews - handing it to the office of the court.Then on their own copy should be stamped with the mark of the receipt of the court.And the third option - the communion of objections to the case directly to the court.

# 6

In the preparatory part of the court hearing, the judge usually finds the existence of applications.One of these is a request for revocation by the court.vyyasnyaetVozrazheniya of action must be distinguished from a counterclaim.Last served by the rules of action proceedings and paid the state duty.To review the claim on duty is not required.After the presentation of the sides of all the documents, the court finds the need to provide time for review.Review Joining does not mean the deposition of the case.At the hearing is declared a break for 15-20 minutes to hand familiar with the newly received securities.The process then resumes.

# 7

complexity write a review of action depends on the category of the case, the degree of knowledge of the parties and other circumstances.In any case, when you receive a claim, it is not necessary to be frightened.It is necessary to sit down, think it through all the arguments and present them in simple language on the paper.The rest will depend on the availability of evidence.