How to return the 13 percent with the purchase of an apartment : legal aid

How to return the 13 percent with the purchase of an apartment : legal aid
You will need:
  • Tax return
  • FAQ 2-PIT
  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation
  • Documents on apartment
# 1

Everyone who came across with the acquisition of property that he had heard aboutthe deduction of 13%, but not everyone knows how it happens.For clarification, any Russian citizen has the right to compensation for property deduction.The deduction reduces personal income tax (rate in Russia is 13%).This right can only be used once.In sum, which will be returned 13%, there is a "ceiling" - he is 2 million rubles..How to return 13 percent to buy an apartment?There are two options: You must provide the tax authority documents for the return of earlier paid the sum of personal income tax; send the application with the request not to retain personal income tax from wages and take it to the accounting department at work.At the same time it is necessary to provide notice of the right to obtain property deduction.Let's look at the first option.

# 2

How to get 13 per cent of th

e purchase of an apartment in the IRS and what documents will be required?The completed declaration (Form 3-PIT).Copy of the passport.Provide the necessary pages with a photo and a residence permit, statement, its pattern can be found on the IRS website.In a statement, you must be sure to enter your billing details, Help 2-PIT.It can be taken in accounting.If a citizen for the last year worked in several organizations, you will need to get help from all companies; A copy of the contract.This contract or sale, or equity; documents that can confirm the fact of payment for housing; copy of a document of title, copy of the act of transfer of the property.

# 3

If the purchase is through a mortgage, 13% can be returned and the interest on it, and the amount of the deduction of normative acts is not limited.In this case, the basic package of documents will need to be supplemented: A copy of the mortgage agreement, bank inquiry about the amount withheld percent for the year; payment documents.All copies of the documents, in both cases, must be certified.They can notarize or independently.Notarization will avoid any doubts about the authenticity of the documents, however, it will require additional costs.Self-certification is carried out as follows: on each page is written the phrase - "true copy", to sign and its interpretation.Deadline has no restrictions.

# 4

very important in the preparation of documents to fill out the declaration.It's pretty easy, and many people resort to the services of third parties (accountants and auditors).But it can be filled by yourself, however it will take a lot of time.We recommend that before filling acquainted with the special literature.We recommend that when completing the declaration to consider a few important points: Reference: All income sources of their payments;deductions for tax and the amount withheld by a tax agent, the sum of personal income tax must be specified in whole rubles.Kopeika rounded mathematically, fields are filled from left to right, data is taken from the settlement and payment documents; revenues that came in a foreign currency must be converted into rubles, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

# 5

The deduction can also be obtained on the job.This happens as follows, with the employee's salary does not keep personal income tax.To do this, you must include the following documents to the accounting department: the application and its annexes notice of the right to deduct.Notice issued to the IRS when filing: applications, documents confirming the right to deduct and the certificates of the taxpayer's operation.He issued only once per year.That is, if the employee decides to change jobs, the amount of the remains he will receive only through the IRS, and the need to provide a complete package of documents.The notice will indicate the amount of the deduction.The size of the deduction from the interest paid will be shown in a separate line.The tax will no longer hold with the month in which the notification was submitted.

# 6

payment deduction is as follows: First, the amount paid to the value of the apartment (up to 260 thousand rubles.);Then, the sum payable paid by that time interest on the loan.The annual amount of the deduction may not exceed the personal income tax paid in the previous year (when paid through the tax office) or the amount of personal income tax, which is to be deducted in the current year (by the employer).The amount of deduction in any case shall be paid in full, although with a small amount of wages - it can take several years.In this situation it is necessary each year to prepare and submit a complete package of documents.If a refund is through the tax authority, the money will go to the specified details of the one-time payment.