How to register a child in his father's apartment?

How to register a child in his father
You will need:
  • package of documents for registration
  • Legal advice
# 1

How to register a child in his father's apartment.The appearance of the long-awaited child - is not only a joyful event for the whole family, but not very pleasant chores.The question immediately arises: how to properly execute the necessary documents, birth certificate, health card, how to register child in the apartment without the hassle and bustle?A child can be registered on a total living space of the spouses, or in the mother's apartment, and the living space of his father.If the family has decided to register a child in his father's apartment to collect the approved documents: a statement of the child's father;statement the child's mother;certificate from the passport office at the place of registration of the parents;an extract from the house register at the place of registration of the mother and the father;mother and father's passport and their certified copies;child's birth certificate;a marriage certificat

e or divorce, as well as a photocopy.

# 2

With assembled a package of documents, do the following: First, it is necessary to submit an application to the passport office at the place of registration of the child's father.The statement and set of documents must be submitted father.If not the owner of the apartment, but is registered in a given area, the parent has the right to register the child without the permission of the official property owner.Residence permit father enough for minor registration in the Russian Federation laws.The child's mother wrote a statement that it has no objection to the registration of the child at the place of residence of the father.Also, the mother must submit a certificate from the passport office at the place of registration.This certificate must certify that the child mothers living space is not registered.

# 3

Both parents necessarily receive an extract from the personal account of housing management.It is also the place of registration can take extract from the house register.We need not only to collect all the documents and information, but also to make copies of them, which must assure the housing department.This package of documents required for the registration of every newborn.To register a child on his father's living space is impossible, if the father is deprived of parental rights or the court has determined place of residence with their mother.Start a collection of documents should be to obtain a birth certificate baby.Without birth certificate is impossible to issue other documents, references to the benefits, as well as to register a child in a municipal apartment.Issue a certificate of birth in the registry office.

# 4

can not be tightened to obtain a birth certificate because the term of reference of all the action from the hospital 30 days after discharge.To register a child in a privatized apartment, if the parents are not married, father to write a statement of paternity.Despite the large number of documents to be collected, it is not necessary to be frightened, because all of these references are available on the same day.Of course, it is better to register and obtain a birth certificate in the first month of life, to quickly draw up the documents grants, financial assistance and benefits from the state.

# 5

In case of divorce, any questions about the registration of the child must be resolved either by mutual agreement of the parents or the courts.Often there is a situation when the father does not give permission for the registration of a baby in his mother's apartment.In this case you should contact an attorney who specializes in family law.To resolve this issue you need to get a court order governing, with whom the child will live.Without this document to register the child does not work, because the law requires a statement from one parent on the consent of the child's registration of the second parent.Residence permit a child without the consent of the property owners, in the presence of both parents consent and registration of at least one of the parents in the apartment, it is possible up to 14 years.

# 6

child has the right to own part of the property rightfully parents and all of their property when they are registered.Some parents question arises: is it possible not to register the child for housing?However, according to the Russian Federation laws prescribe baby in an apartment or in a private home must be within ten working days after the birth.If there is no registration on the expiration of this period, the penalty is.The fine depends on the timing of the delay and the real-time residence without registration.It does not matter who is registered in the apartment - the living space of the father or mother - registration is required for all citizens of the Russian Federation.