As the minutes of the meeting to make ?

As the minutes of the meeting to make ?
You will need:
  • meeting
  • people
  • protocol
# 1

How should draw up minutes of the meeting?Various legal and private entities, the nature of their activities, are often faced with the necessity of meeting the people whose interests are affected during the organization's activities.This requires a general meeting of a protocol - a legal document regulating the activities of any company or organization.Therefore, a well-written and keeping minutes during the meeting, as well as compliance with the requirements established by the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation.

# 2

Modern man must know how to make a protocol of the meeting, so as not to get in the best case, a mess.Should draw up a protocol on a standard sheet of A4 format.It is necessary to entitle the document and indicate on what a number of issues held a meeting with a written designation of time and place.Also it shows the number of people present.Next, prescribed surname, name and patronymic of the chairman and the secr

etary.In the conduct of the meeting are reflected in the minutes of the highlights of the issues involved and the decisions taken on them.Specifies the number of votes for and against.At the end of the prescribed protocol decision taken by the meeting.

# 3

The ignorant in these matters people often do not know how to arrange the meeting protocol.Typically, the protocol is composed of several sheets.It is desirable for the cover page to use a common form of the enterprise or organization with specific location details and print the standard form blanks for meetings.The standard form of the protocol includes: name, title of the document (protocol), indexed protocol number, date and place of, the header text on the general conduct of meetings required under the rules of the signature.

# 4

Here are a few tips on how to conduct a meeting.It starts doing the assembly process with the announcement of the topic and the number of those present.Then there is a vote on the candidacy of selecting a chairman and a secretary.By conducting the meeting set the rules strictly enforced for the opportunity to briefly and efficiently take all the solutions to the current problem.Less small talk and more specifics.It is advisable to listen to everyone, but then again, in compliance with the regulations.The Secretary must be able to properly maintain the protocol and navigate in what is happening.

# 5

huge role in everyday life play parent meetings.How to hold a parent meeting, and how to classify it?Meetings are classified as organizational, necessary for the preparation of the upcoming events for cultural or sports development of children.Educational, aimed at improving the quality of children's education and communicate them in a social environment.Thematic - to address the urgent problems of the upbringing and education of the younger generation.And the final - on a particular completion of an activity.