How to get on the waiting list to improve housing conditions in St. Petersburg ?

How to get on the waiting list to improve housing conditions in St. Petersburg ?
You will need:
  • certificate of monthly income
  • certificate of disability
  • medals
  • Order
# 1

People who do not have their own homes, or have a very small apartment, justneed to improve their living conditions, having received new apartment larger area.This problem occurs in many people in different cities of Russia.Very often people do not know where to start, so it is very topical in recent times the question: how to get in line for housing?In St. Petersburg, as well as in other cities, this problem is very important.The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the improvement of living conditions of citizens in need of it.However, there is a certain order of actions required to address the question: how to get in line for an apartment in St. Petersburg?First of all, every person who wants to get in line for an apartment, you first need to find out whether he has the right to do?

# 2

On receipt of the apartment has the right to a person that meets the following criteria: f

irst, it must be recognized by the poor;secondly, to have a large family;Third, to be a veteran of the Great Patriotic War;fourthly, if he had his own apartment in St. Petersburg, but it seized during the persecution, and later this man was acquitted, but the shelter he did not return;Fifth, if the person is a hero of the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation, the Socialist Labor.If at least one of these criteria, characterizes a person, he has every right to apply for apartments.On hearing this, the man who has the right to housing in St. Petersburg, is wondering how to get up on the waiting list for housing?Where should you start?

# 3

First of all, in order to be registered for housing, you have to gather all the necessary documents, which can confirm the right to housing.These documents include a statement of acceptance of the registration, which must be signed by all members of the family who have reached the age of majority;documents of the applicant and all members of his family, which certify person and confirm that they are citizens of the Russian Federation;documents that contain information on the composition of the family;documents, which reflect the applicant's income and his family for the last 12 months;documents confirming the applicant's right to apply for housing;in the event that the applicant is unfit for living conditions, it is necessary to provide a document that can prove it.

# 4

statement of registration with a set of documents collected is fed into a special authorized body, which will continue to be engaged in its examination.When applying, it is recorded in a special book.The applicant receives a receipt when filing documents from the competent authority that it has received from the applicant certain documents.After the application is reviewed within thirty days.After this time, the complainant receives a response about whether to accept it or refuse to register him.If the application after considering decide to take, then he formed an accounting business, which is kept up as long as he and his family will not be removed from the register.After an accounting case is registered, it is assigned a registration number

# 5

To apply and to understand whether a person meets the criteria by which one can apply for housing, you need to know, in which caseit will be recognized by the poor, what area of ​​the premises put at 1 family member.The poor man will be recognized only if his monthly wage is less than double the officially established minimum subsistence level per capita in St. Petersburg, and the value of the property, which is in its property and is liable to tax was not more than ten times the average marketthe cost of one square meter of housing in St. Petersburg.In general, each person needs to know how to get on the waiting list to improve housing conditions in St. Petersburg.This will allow him to improve their living conditions.

# 6

There is a certain discount rate area of ​​the premises, which is provided to one person in St. Petersburg.The rule is: for people who live in separate apartments and homes - 9 square meters of living space;for people living in communal apartments - 15 square meters of living space.If the applicant has owned several residential premises, the security level of the total area of ​​the dwelling is determined in accordance with the overall total area of ​​these premises.In the accounting business, you can make changes in the event that this apartment had infused new tenants.To do this, you must collect a number of documents, no documents are not necessary if the Universe was a minor child of the applicant.Every citizen may not only be placed on the account, but is removed from it.