We are celebrating at May 1

We are celebrating at May 1
You will need:
  • Camping
  • Kebab
  • Good mood
# 1

May 1 around the world considered to be a national holiday.This holiday originates from more ancient times, it was named in honor of the patron saint of land and fertility - goddess Maya, she was worshiped Italic tribes.On the first day of May, held lavish festivities and celebrations in honor of the goddess of fertility.

# 2

May 1, 1889 in Paris, the Chicago workers staged a mass strike, which demanded the eight-hour day.The strike was attended by about 350 thousand people participated.It had been dismissed about a half thousand workers in Chicago early May.For the first time in 1890, May 1 was celebrated in Warsaw Communists.

# 3

May 1 holiday became a state only in the Soviet times, he was loved and respected not only for the solidarity of the working classes all over the world, but also for the fact that in May drops a lot of holidays, which reminded many people of the Employmenttraditions and lived the last war.

# 4

Over the years of Soviet power in Russia, and in the various republics of the Union changed the meaning of the holiday accent.Even today, many parties again urged the workers to fight for their rights, considering that employers strongly impair the right.At this time, 8 - hour day, is an important achievement of the working class, but these rights are respected, not all employers.

# 5

In 1992, the May 1 holiday was renamed the Day of Spring and Labor.But workers still celebrate May 1st.On this day, demonstrations and rallies held with the requirements for the restoration of the rights of workers.But for many people it has become a tradition considered May 1st day of spring.

# 6

And in 1993, in Moscow, workers dispersed the demonstration.There were many who died, unfortunately, now it is not known how many people were injured and killed.From media sources it was known that killed one person who was an employee of riot police and dozens of protesters were injured.Now the feast of May 1 say opposition groups to hold rallies under different slogans.