What do the colors of St. George ribbons ?

What do the colors of St. George ribbons ?
You will need:
  • George Ribbon
  • Black
  • Orange
# 1

now black and orange tape, there was Victory Day, became a symbol of the heroic struggle thatRussian troops fought against the Nazi invaders.For the first time this tape appeared in 1769 to the Order of St. George.This order was the most honorable, and was originally awarded to them only the highest-ranking officers.

# 2

Then, in the XIX century, was established by George Cross, awarded to soldiers who have particularly distinguished in the field.For example, saving the commander, or banner, committed action, the decisive outcome of the battle.Ribbon, which is used in the actions devoted to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, is most closely related to this is the cross.

# 3

George Ribbon takes its place in the history of the awards for almost 250 years.This detail honorary award deserves due respect.So, before you put on a tape, you need to really understand the depth of meaning that is embedded in this symbol.

# 4

There is a very interesting example of rewarding soldiers cross a high-ranking soldier.This award personally by Emperor Alexander I was marked by general MA Miloradovich.He made a heroic act, joining the fight against the French as a member by submitting a personal example of resistance to the soldiers.

# 5

independently, ie without the main award, the tape were distinguished soldiers, who could not get itself a sign, for whatever reasons.In this case, the order bearer could be attached to the side of St. George's overcoat belt.

# 6

George Ribbon, which colors - black and orange symbolizes the valor and heroism on the battlefield.Black - the color of the powder smoke, orange - the color of fire.There is another version of the interpretation of the symbolism - it is the origin of heraldic colors.Russian coat of arms depicts a black double-headed eagle on a gold background.

# 7

third variant interpretations of the combination of colors and even explains the alternation of bands in a particular order - three black stripes and two orange.life story of George the Victorious here reflected.According to the holy books of the three martyr she took death, but twice was resurrected by God.