How to celebrate Easter in America?

How to celebrate Easter in America?
You will need:
  • Painted eggs Easter cakes
  • Easter basket
# 1

In America, the feast of Easter is called Easter.The symbol of the American Easter Bunny is.The Americans call him Bunny (Bunny).America - a multinational country, but because America is not in compliance with a special celebration tradition.The only common feature of all Americans - this holiday is considered to be a family, everyone is going home at the same table.

# 2

Easter falls in the first place to begin with America's Christian Forgiveness Sunday.This day is full of hidden meaning.He brings repentance, willingness to forgive, to sacrifice, awareness of their sinfulness.Catholic Easter in the USA is marked by performing the obligatory Easter service, the name of which means "At the dawn of the sun."Starting this service at 6am.

# 3

Last preparations for Easter are held on Maundy Thursday.On this day, painted eggs, baked cakes, cooked Easter.Friday - very hard position.You can only drink water and eat only very

lean cuisine.This is called Holy Friday.On the feast of Americans decorate the house.Easter baskets are made with ribbons and flowers.There is a tradition to bring the temple into pots of lilies, these flowers adorn the house.

# 4

All symbols of Easter, including lilies, as well as food and homemade candles are blessed in churches.The service is accompanied by the singing of the congregation.Easter in America - it's a great holiday for children.Spend more competitions in skating eggs on sloping lawn.It is a spectacular sight - hundreds of children compete to see who will be able to ride on an egg without stopping.

# 5

American Easter dinner traditionally consists of ham, pineapple, fruit salads, vegetables and potatoes.Unusual dolls sold at Easter time in Boston.These dolls represent saints, the Prophet Moses, who holds the Tablets of the Law, Queen Esther and Jesus Christ himself.These dolls can speak.They recite phrases from the Bible.With these dolls can be easier to explain to a child the religious aspect of this fun holiday.