How to celebrate Christmas in Germany ?

How to celebrate Christmas in Germany ?
You will need:
  • Christmas tree
  • Calendar Advent
  • Holiday Dishes
  • Mulled wine and drink "Fire tooth»
# 1

All adults and children in Germany are waiting for the night 24December because that's when celebrating Christmas.December 25 and 26 - days when families decided to gather and relax together.It is important preparation for Christmas, which starts on December 1.Everybody is trying to create a magical atmosphere of celebration: adorn houses, streets, shops, trees.In the evening, all the German cities sparkle and shimmer with beautiful lights.

# 2

But the most important - is the installation of Christmas trees in the squares of all the cities.It is decorated with stars, balloons, garlands and sweets.The house forest beauty brings only in mid-December.Another important tradition of Christmas in Germany - all Germans come up and play scenes from the history of the Holy Family.To do this, they use figures of people, animals and interior objects, which are usually carefully stored and tr

ansmitted from parents to children.

# 3

Before Christmas is celebrated in Germany, passes Adventszeit period, which runs from December 1 to Christmas night.At this time people are waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ, decided to transfer to the heirs of Advent calendars.This calendar has 24 windows, each of which adults hide gifts for their children.Every day a child can only open one window.

# 4

In Germany, in addition to the Christmas tree is another symbol - a Christmas star.In fact, it represents a great indoor plant poinsettia or spurge.Its leaves are green, and the bright red flowers, they appear in December.This flower symbolizes the two main colors of Christmas - red and green.

# 5

Another German Christmas tradition - Christmas Festival.How to celebrate Christmas in this colorful event?The festival begins on November 11, and ends on December 24 Christmas night.The whole of Germany has fun fairs, drinking red wine with spices, which is called glyuvayn (mulled wine).Another famous drink - "Fire tooth", which makes a large container, and then set on fire.Warm wine warms and elevates mood on the eve of the holiday.

# 6

December 24 all German families go to church and then come home to dinner.The food on the table must be 7 or 9, be sure the presence of millet porridge, seasoned with milk, honey and butter, goose, pork and sauerkraut.The main decoration of the table - Christmas cake Stolle.For dinner, the Germans wish each other health and happiness and kindness, give gifts.Young children also in the morning put presents under the tree.