How to congratulate served as a border guard ?

How to congratulate served as a border guard ?
You will need:
  • Competitions
  • processions
  • Bathing in the capital's fountains
  • Soldier kitchen
# 1

Service border troops sent to defend and protect the state borders.There are units engaged in the protection of maritime borders of the country.And there are borderline pilots units.Still, there are guards who, regardless of the day and night, lead control at border posts to prevent violation of the state borders under any pretexts.

# 2

Being a border guard is considered an honor and responsibility, and even to the same very dangerous and difficult.Since the days of the former Soviet Union up to the present time in Russia, the name of this holiday and the date of the meeting has not changed, as in the past it is called the day of border guard and falls on May 28.It is celebrated all over the country, and on a large scale it is celebrated in Moscow.

# 3

On this day various competitions and parades.Usually, if the roll is great weather that day, you can watch, no one planned activit

y, namely swimming in the capital's fountains.This happens due to the fact that many are found through many years, and overwhelmed with emotion.As in the Day of Victory in this holiday treat everyone soldier kitchen - buckwheat porridge with stewed meat.

# 4

In 1958, the twenty-eighth day of May in the former Soviet Union began to be celebrated Border Guards Day.This celebration served as border guards say, because it is their favorite holiday.This day is intended to raise the morale of officers and border soldiers carrying their duty to the people and the country.Besides Russia, the Day of Frontier Guard is celebrated in other countries, such as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus and Tajikistan.

# 5

This is done as a sign of admiration and respect for the Soviet soldiers who bravely defended their homeland from invasion.It should also be noted that Russia is a country with a lot of contact with other countries, namely the Russian Federation has a border with eighteen countries.And more than any one state does not have such a number of boundaries.