Easter in Germany

Easter in Germany
You will need:
  • cards and toys on the Easter theme
  • Easter eggs
  • wreath of blossoming branches and flowers
# 1

In German Easter celebration called Ostern.This word is under a Germanic origin, and meaningfully related to the name of part of the world - east (Osten).Party, where the sun rises, is considered a special symbol of the Christians, which is associated with miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.In addition, there is an association with the update, the birth of a new life.

# 2

official public holidays in Germany are considered to be Good Friday (Karfreitag), the end of the day of Lent (Ostersonntag), and Easter Monday (Ostermonntag).It is noteworthy that in Germany the Catholic Easter, along with Christmas - a holiday of national importance.For German students there are special "Easter" holidays.They are called Osterferien.The duration of the break depends on the federal state, and they extend from one to two weeks.

# 3

For Easter Germans are prepared in advance.Cards a

nd toys on the Easter theme sometimes begin to appear on store shelves after Christmas.After celebrating Easter all decorations removed, and there is a joke that, if taken easter attributes, it will soon be in stores again topical Christmas theme.For children in Germany, as well as throughout Europe, arranged a competition to find Easter eggs hidden hare.

# 4

But there is a special tradition.Easter in Germany adds to the joy of children such as a game called Eier rollen.egg rolling.Those who continue to sweep the egg - the winner.There is another important and interesting element of the German Easter - a fresh wreath of blossoming branches and flowers.It symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

# 5

These wreaths adorn the doors and the Germans dwellings window.The churches in Germany do not sanctify the people food, they bring into the temple only wreaths and twigs, decorated with ribbons, sweets and fruits.These branches can give each other.They are not thrown away but attached at the crucifix, at the head, fireplaces.This wreath is considered a talisman against evil forces and from diseases.