How to decorate the house for Christmas?

How to decorate the house for Christmas?
You will need:
  • own house
  • tree
  • Garlands
  • figurines of gnomes and reindeer
  • creative imagination
# 1

New Year is just around the corner.And for him and for Christmas.All are looking forward to these holidays.Meet this year it would be desirable in a special way, in the circle of relatives and friends of people.Invite them to yourself! Of course, in the house need to create a festive atmosphere.Your house, then it is - your business.You can call for help of loved ones, they will tell how to decorate the house for Christmas.But the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraining still belong to his master and mistress.Pofantaziruet!

# 2

usually adorn the interior of the house.The focus is a tree that intoxicating scent of pine needles.A variety of ornaments, candy, colored lights to decorate ee.Kazhduyu of the rooms also should decorate accordingly, to all over the festive mood reigned.In the kitchen you can put a little Christmas tree.On Christmas stickers stick cookware.It will look in particular.Glasses

will be snow clearance when they are wet edge just dip into sugar.White sweet snow!

# 3

Children's rooms should be bright.Balls and garlands place throughout the room.For children, be sure to get the New Year cones Bengal ogonki.Dom look like winter palace, when he put in the New Year.Exterior of the house is also in your hands.Along the lines of the roof hang light bulbs that will captivate your light in the evening.Christmas wreath or Christmas composition on home doors indicate that there is a fun and exciting celebrate winter holidays.In the yard or garden, you can put a small porcelain figure of a fairy tale gnomes, or horned deer from the north.Make tracks to toys, if Santa himself went with them here.Home decorating for Christmas - troublesome thing, but interesting.

# 4

best joy for Christmas is a nativity scene.The mention of Christ's birth will be a small shopka in your home.Tell the story of Jesus will come to you Kolyadniki.Invite them into the house, let him bring you glad tidings of peace and goodness.

# 5

Good clean house - a sign of thrift is a festive mood pledge to the people living in it.To add festive atmosphere will quiet Christmas music and carols.If you do not have such recordings, look for wheels in stores.Holidays are always in a special way in the homes where love reigns among family, harmony and well-being.Merry Christmas!