Easter for Catholics

Easter for Catholics
You will need:
  • richly laid table
  • cakes
  • Painted eggs
# 1

to the XIV century.Easter service began in the evening on Good Friday.This tradition has been characterized by both Catholics and Protestants.From the XIV century.worship was moved in the early morning.The service was sanctified by fire and water, is sung the hymn "Yes, rejoice", and then read the twelve prophecies.

# 2

Bringing home the sacred fire, the congregation lit candles in the rooms.Wax these candles is considered protected from evil forces.Sanctified water also confer miraculous qualities, wash it, and sprinkle the house is added to the food.Preserved and the Catholic tradition to hold the baptism of adults on Easter night.

# 3

Catholic Easter - one of the most important Christian holidays.It is dedicated to the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.Therefore, the adoption of the sacrament on Easter night is considered to be very honorable.Since Easter - a family holiday, it is celebrated usually home to a ri

ch dinner table.Always on the table should be cakes, painted eggs and Easter.

# 4

All this food should always be blessed in church.Festive table decorated with candles and bouquets of fresh flowers of spring.Just daryatsya Easter small gifts, most often - a figure of the Easter Bunny, a symbol of wealth and fertility, which is mainly made of sweets.Sometimes it is presented not only the usual eggs, painted in different colors, but also of wood and chocolate eggs.

# 5

Easter Catholics differ from the Orthodox by several criteria.First of all, the Catholic position less strict.Catholics are allowed to eat any food, except meat, strict fasting is mandatory only on certain days - it is Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

# 6

There is a difference in dates.Catholics celebrate Easter according to the Gregorian calendar, and Orthodox - Julian.There is a difference in the procession.Orthodox religious procession to start the service, and Catholics - after.Of course, differences in the details very much, but here are the most striking differences in traditions, dedicated to the great feast of Easter.