How to celebrate Christmas in England?

How to celebrate Christmas in England?
You will need:
  • home decorations
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas sock
  • Products
  • spoken prayers
# 1

British begin preparation for the celebration of Christmas the 24-day fast.These days in the houses there are special calendars, to cut through windows by the number of fasting days.Daily open only one window, behind which hides a picture or a poem about Christmas.So count the days before the holiday.

# 2

It is in these days begins ornament their houses with wreaths of holly, ivy and mistletoe.According to legend, it protects the house from witches and gives all members of the household long summer.Until now, in England there is a custom of kissing under the mistletoe branches that decorate the house even chandeliers and lamps.

# 3

ahead of time is to prepare and Christmas socks, which hung by the fireplace Christmas.This custom arose because of the wonderful stories in which good Father Christmas travels around chimneys to give gifts to children.

# 4

If we decided to celebrate

this day as celebrating Christmas in England, it is imperative to make a traditional Christmas pudding.And it is not fast.Plum pudding is made from bread crumbs, flour, beef kidney fat, nuts, spices and dried fruit.It is prepared in advance and then a few weeks to stand in a cool place in a special form.The pudding is sure to put small "silver" coins, which should bring good luck.

# 5

eve of Christmas decorated tree, the top of which is crowned by a Christmas star or angelok.Home country tree, decorated in a fairly rigorous manner a vertical garlands of energy-saving light bulbs, set on the main square.Traditionally, it sends Norway, in gratitude for his help during World War II.

# 6

So how to celebrate Christmas after fasting, English table is unthinkable without the baked turkey stuffed with chestnuts under the currant sauce, roast beef and pork.The aristocratic families of Britain in this day may apply pheasant, grouse or swan.Before the guests sit down at the table, a special Christmas cracker explodes, which contains comic wishes.And at the table mostly toast that day will wish health to all present.Christmas pudding, which is "a highlight" flambiruyut - watered rum or brandy, which is ignited before serving dishes on the table.