How to celebrate Easter in Europe?

How to celebrate Easter in Europe?
You will need:
  • Rods
  • willow Easter eggs
  • Treats
  • Procession
# 1

In Easter is celebrated all European countries about the same, but there are differences.In every country there are certain inherent only to her customs and entertainment.For example, in the Czech Republic have a pretty fun fun: Men weave braids of small twigs of willow and slightly hurt them girls.Such action will bring them good health and beauty.And the girls pay off various delicacies and Easter eggs.

# 2

whole pyramid of colored festive eggs are built in Lithuania and Poland satisfied "Water Monday".In this day of all pour water on each other, and few remains dry.Catholic Easter the most solemn and clearly marked in Italy.There are observed all the religious rites.For all the houses spread fire lit in the church, and Easter eggs - an indispensable gift.

# 3

However, the most spectacular event becomes a procession, showing life, suffering, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.In Spain, as in the sad da

y of the crucifixion of Christ can meet people walking on the street barefoot and whipping themselves with whips in memory of the passion of Christ.But at the end of performed very bright and beautiful procession, filled with joy and gladness.

# 4

In Portugal, Easter is also going very colorful.People lining the entire ranks, are in the hands of bouquets, balloons and lighted torches.Easter in Europe is one of the most favorite holidays of light, similar to Christmas.In many European countries, Easter eggs made of chocolate.In Germany, the main game - find the hidden chocolate eggs in advance.

# 5

And in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and arrange fights egg: you have to bang so to break the enemy's egg.In the US, the traditional game is skating Easter eggs on a slope.The winner is the one who drove the egg at the greatest distance without delay.Swedish house in the holiday decorated with flowers, and in Slovenia, the main characters of the holiday - the chicken.