How to celebrate Easter in France?

How to celebrate Easter in France?
You will need:
  • Chocolate eggs Sweets
  • Rabbit
  • Fried chicken
# 1

In France, Easter - rather, it is a secular holiday, rather than religious.The French see it as the arrival of something bright, kind, updated, bringing joy.In this country, followed by a curious tradition: in the period from Good Friday, and until the arrival of most of Easter in any church do not hear the sound of bells.They fall silent in honor of the memory of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

# 2

On Easter Sunday the streets are filled with ringing again, preaching the continuation of life.Houses are decorated with wide bands of red, small bells and flowers.And without chocolate eggs can not do any one Catholic Easter.Shops are filled with sweets: cakes, chocolate coins, fish and more.It is difficult to imagine Easter in France without all these delicacies.

# 3

Another honored symbol of the Easter rabbit is.The explanation can be found in the ancient legend about how the Goddess of Spring, Ă–stra, turned the b

ird into a rabbit, which still continued to lay eggs.The holiday itself often begins with pre Retrieving stashed chocolate eggs and other Easter surprises.The children gather sweets found in flowers or grass in their baskets and rush to the festive table.

# 4

The permanent meal in the family circle is fried chicken.This is followed by the presentation of gifts and prayers.The French are less religious, so Easter in France takes place in less rigid religious framework.The French do not believe that fasting - the main thing to please the Lord, but the arrival of Easter in the temple is required.At the end of the Easter service blessed eggs, water, take home, and give away to friends and family as a token of love and kindness.

# 5

also for Easter in France decided to leave his family at picnics, where the main dish - the omelette.Everywhere celebrate Easter in their own way but in any tradition is something exciting!If all the stores over time, the meaning of Easter itself has changed and lost its original religious meaning of this celebration in itself the most important.