Catholic Easter

Catholic Easter
You will need:
  • Paschalis
  • Procession
  • Painted eggs
  • Performances on religious motives
# 1

Easter - religious festival in honor of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.It is one of the oldest and favorite holidays in Western Europe.The date of the festival moving and changing from year to year.At present, the Catholic Easter is celebrated on Sunday next after the first full moon of the vernal equinox.

# 2

Week preceding Easter is called Holy to the holiday.The beginning of the week is the day of the appearance of Jesus in Jerusalem.All subsequent days are filled with triumph, sorrow, remorse and bright joy of the resurrection.Friday - the day of the crucifixion of Christ.Catholic Easter differs in many respects from the Orthodox, including those in the church service.

# 3

Festive Mass with the blessing of fire and water Catholics begins on Saturday morning.In the temple, before the start of service kindle Paschalis (special plug).After Catholics commit procession.Painted in various

ways eggs are the main symbol of the holiday.The tradition to paint eggs for Easter, and cover them with other food in the temples, famous all over the world.

# 4

Easter gifts can be chicken, chocolate or, for example, a wooden egg.In recent years, most Western countries it prefers chocolate eggs.Another important symbol of Easter - a rabbit, symbolizing fertility and prosperity.Catholic Easter - also a holiday arrival of spring.In Easter is supposed to be in new clothes, which marks the beginning of spring.In Catholic churches often organ music.

# 5

At the end of vespers, people organize celebratory feast, exchange gifts, organize various games, accept congratulations.Children and young people bypass the house, bringing with him the greetings and songs.Throughout the holiday week is assumed to go to worship and organize different views to religious motive.In many countries, the days of Easter week are officially weekend.