How to celebrate the name day ?

How to celebrate the name day ?
You will need:
  • vacation
  • guest list
  • approximate budget
  • gifts and prizes
  • invitations and cards
  • imagination and originality
# 1

born on this daybabies called after him, hoping that in the future it will become his guardian angel.Memorial Day heavenly saint is just the name-day.On the eve of the birthday family brewed beer, baked Name Day rolls, cakes and loaves.On the day of his birthday celebrations culprit went to church with the family, ordered a prayer for the health, was applied to the icon with a face of its patron saint, light candles.Friends and relatives were brought birthday cake, with the size of the pie filling and were under a pre-defined meaning, which based on the relationship of the birthday and his relatives.In the evening, all the invited guests gathered for a gala dinner.But what about the name day celebrated in Russia today?

# 2

If the name day falls on a working day, you need to take a vacation at least 2-3 days before them.Ring up all and find out what all

are free and do not leave that day out of the city.Prepare a list of guests who will be present at the party.Print the invitation on the white paper and write the text (you can also in a joking manner).Purchase holiday cards.Attach them an invitation, it is desirable to have a photo of the birthday.Distribute all invitations for the addressees.It can be by hand, or pass through someone else.It is important to find information about the name of the birthday child.You can use the Internet, a variety of literature.Next, gather all the information that you will need: texts toast, puzzles, competitions, various quizzes, etc.For example, the next contest: · In the middle of the rooms overlook the two participants stand facing each other, hands plant in the back, between their bellies put a rubber ball, and this ball with their body movements, players must bring to the chin so that the ball never fellon the floor.

# 3

Select Statement different outfits: for meeting and greeting guests, to participate in competitions.Remember that the leading holiday must be original in everything, including his clothes.The main thing is not to mix them during celebrations

# 4

Thoroughly clean the room where you plan to conduct birthday.Decorate the room with balloons and banners birthday photos, and also do not forget about the pictures of parents hero for the day is best for the decoration of the room to call a few experienced helpers.

# 5

Buy a beautiful bouquet and place in the center of the room.

# 6

sure to make or bake a loaf of themselves - an integral part of any birthday party.But the most important thing is the dish at the party, of course, birthday cake.· Filling for birthday cake is considered to be fresh or salted fish.· Another possible option of birthday cake with meat, potatoes, mushrooms, and berries.· Mandatory is also considered and cabbage pie.

# 7

Purchase products variety and quantity of products to determine, on the basis of who what and how much love, and to whom it is possible to have

# 8

sure to ask your invited guests in any casedo not be late to the celebration.It is best to ask them to come in 10 minutes before the actual beginning of the birthday celebration, then there is a possibility that the guests can be late, to a maximum of 10-15 minutes.