As originally present chain ?

As originally present chain ?
You will need:
  • Gold chain
  • Kinder Surprise Eggs
  • Crystals or stones
  • Clay
# 1

Receiving gifts is always nice and exciting.But if it is presented with an unusual way, the pleasant emotions only doubled.You can turn the whole process of giving an exciting game or so to issue a gift that a person had no idea that it will be a surprise.There are several ways to donate original chain.

# 2

Kinder Surprise.You will need to design gift chocolate egg called Kinder Surprise.It needs to be carefully unpacked, without damaging the outer foil, whatever impersonate.Chocolate egg must be carefully cut.You can use a sharp knife hot chocolate starts to melt and you get two identical halves.

# 3

yellow plastic container, open and remove the toy.Put into the chain and close the plastic case.Connect the two halves of chocolate, a little heat them with a knife.Pack the egg in the foil and your original gift ready.Faberge egg.One option is to give the chain, it is present in the egg by Faberge.To

do this, take a normal egg, wash it.On both sides pierce it with a needle and make no big holes.

# 4

Content can be blown by means of tubes for a drink.Give shell soak a day or two, what would it dried up on the inside.After that, through the hole, place inside the chain.The holes can be closed with a thin layer of clay.Now, your task is the creation of the Faberge eggs.For this purpose, the surface of the eggs have to stick pretty stones or crystals.

# 5

In addition, you need to find a way to present a gift, you need to know how to choose the chain.Thus it is necessary to consider not only personal wishes, but also the quality of decoration.A gift receipt when you can play an exciting game in the cold or heat, or to create a map with the tasks and go in search of these treasures.It will be interesting to both girls and guys.