other Happy New Year

other Happy New Year
You will need:
  • friend or friends
  • texts congratulations
  • Fantasy and imagination
  • Christmas mood
# 1

Friends - this is the most important people in our lives, after relativesOf course.Therefore, when it is a holiday, the New Year, we must think of how to originally congratulate his friend (or several friends).There are many ways to congratulate the important people with important holiday.The most popular way - send sms-ku with New Year's greetings.Of course, limited to sms-Coy is not necessary, but still will be pleased to find anyone in his messages is such a small surprise in verse or prose.Such sms-greetings can compose yourself, and if you do not have a bright talent of the poet and prose writer, just get it online.

# 2

most classic way - a greeting to a friend as a postcard.Bright, colorful, glitter, or without them, big or small - a very pleasant surprise.A card can not only deliver by hand, and send by mail, if the other one is far away.Postcard can be self-made, but you can

just buy a card for New Year's theme.Christmas card will give your loved one a piece of your warmth, caring, love, and New Year's mood.

# 3

the nicest way - is a small (well, if you want - the big) gift.Present can be anything - some nice souvenir, attractive accessory, soft toy ... Options - set.It all depends on your imagination and preferences from your friend.The most important thing - it is a gift that is bought with love and care, which will show that you remember and love the person.Not so important is the gift, how important your attention.

# 4

And, of course, the most enjoyable way of congratulations - come to visit with cake and champagne to his friend and personally tell him their congratulations.Happy New Year - this is a huge scope for your imagination.A little imagination, a little patience and time - and you will stand out from the crowd, the original all congratulated his friend with joyous and important holiday like New Year.The most important thing is not how much money you spend on a gift, and how much their love and care you invest in the gift.So, after reading this article and learn a few ways to congratulate his friend on the occasion of the New Year, select the one that you liked and forth - congratulations.Your greeting will be the most original and be sure to give your loved one a good mood for a long time yet.