How to make a gift for the New Year ?

How to make a gift for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • own imagination
  • Using the time-tested methods
  • decor
  • Package made of paper or fabric
  • Boxes, paper bags
# 1

Everyone knowsthat gift without package - is not a gift.This rule is especially true on the eve of the New Year - a time when in the air a sense of magic and celebration, and gifts are unexpected surprises.Remember that the idea to decorate and wrap a gift should not be taken by you as an unfortunate necessity.Come to this interesting creative.So, how to make a gift for the New Year?

# 2

can use the ideas of traditional design gifts.Then you can pack a gift in festive wrapping paper or put in paper bags with Christmas design.Besides New Year's gift can be put in wicker baskets or metal chests.Intertwined "silver" and "gold" bars will be the perfect packaging for gifts or flowers.In addition to using traditional bows, packing with a gift can be decorated with beads, sequins, stickers stars foil and even fresh flowers.The main thing, remember that color decora

tions should be in harmony with the color of the wrapper.

# 3

interesting to present its Christmas Present, show imagination and take advantage of years of proven tips.For example, a gift can be issued as a candy, wrapped in a special way in the wrapping paper.You could also try to make the packaging-doll.To do this, put the first gift to the very small box, it - in the box a little more, then more, and so on.

# 4

New Year's gift, you can also pack in a cloth bag.This may be a pack of felt, plush, chiffon, linen or burlap.In this package will be very well looked objects with complex shapes.The fabric can drape stylish, add to it a bow.Also, this package can be used for domestic wraps a present.The tissue package is recommended to decorate with beads, beads or sequins.

# 5

truly festive look to be a Christmas gift, wrapped in pearl paper.Unusual colors such packages will vary depending on the lighting.New Year's decorations in the form of Christmas balls, fir branches, beads, snowflakes cut out of paper, will make even the most simple packaging more festive.