How to make a gift to a friend ?

How to make a gift to a friend ?
You will need:
  • Money
  • Time
  • Care
  • ability to think and reflect
# 1

Among the everyday hustle and bustle, sometimes, time flies and suddenly remember thatsoon, your friend is one of the best days of the year - the day of birth.But the celebration holiday, and no gift can not do, and, there could not buy some simple little thing for the sake of attention, but on the contrary, it is worth considering what to give.

# 2

To start think about what she is interested in and what she is interested in, might have something to collect.Then give her the original object, which would have adorned the collection, she will be delighted.For girls and women who put the work in the first place, the best gift would be a variety of office supplies that will fit on your desktop and will be beautiful and unusual feature.

# 3

If you do not know how to make a gift to the girlfriend, the song sung by you at a party in her honor, or specially composed a poem that reflects its best qualities are always ap

preciated and will not be forgotten for a long time.And if you have the talent of the artist, write her portrait: even if it is not a masterpiece - but the original creation that will provide your gift among others.Gifts made with their own hands, always valued more expensive than bought in a store, because they created has invested part of his soul.

# 4

lover of sports and fitness as a gift like any accessories that will complement its image, or a subscription to a gym visit, if only for a short time.This way you will emphasize that approve of her activity, and see real results, and this is a real compliment.

# 5

choosing what gift can be a friend, consider all the details.If you are not sure of the color of her favorite lipstick or perfume, favorite decorations, better do not give it.To make the presents of this kind, it is necessary to know very well the taste preferences of your girlfriend.Although the problem with the purchase of suitable perfume or jewelry, you can decide the award of a gift certificate, thanks to which it will be able to realize their dreams.

# 6

Look closely at the image of a friend of life, whether it pays great attention to the creation of comfort in your home.If this the case, then give her some unusual thing, suitable to the style and color spaces, otherwise it is misplaced.After all, any subject should be use, so that man could recall the circumstances in which he had appeared.Give necessary and interesting things that they delight those who would get, and do not become burdensome for them.