How to Wrap a gift with their own hands ?

How to Wrap a gift with their own hands ?
You will need:
  • Fantasy
  • Muse
  • Paper
  • Scotch
  • tapes, rhinestones
# 1

Sometimes after buying gifts, you remember that you forget itpack in the store, or perhaps you consciously decide to do it yourself, because, you see, a beautiful gift to get much nicer than the usual package.First you need to choose a base package, ie paper.It is advisable not to use plain paper from the gift shop, and monotonous, interesting textures, corrugated, or normal, the well-known kraft paper, brown.In addition to paper, you can use a cloth.Or, spend a little time and print paper photo studio, by his own design.In this case using pictures or words wishes.

# 2

How to Wrap a gift with their own hands, you can decide for yourself - the first option is to put a gift in the middle of the sheet and, using transparent tape to wrap each side of the box exactly.If the gift is not in the box, it is recommended to wrap in kulёk, that is also put in the middle of the sheet and two hands brought together the ends of

paper to squeeze in a bag, while carefully seal the transparent tape.To make a smooth shape, you can put a gift under a piece of cardboard cut previously it also neatly wrapped in the same color as the paper.This board will be in place and give a gift to the bottom of a beautiful form.

# 3

After the gift is packed, it should be issued.Previously, you can print the photo of the person who designed gift.Print on ordinary printer and carefully glue on the double-sided tape.You can print the photograph as a small label and sign it, and then attach to the present.

# 4

Using bases for a white paper and silver rhinestones, you can easily learn how to pack a gift for a wedding, carefully gluing rhinestones in the form of names or wishes to the paper.Also, for a romantic or wedding gift - print colored bouquet of flowers from the Internet, the ends stick to the paper, and in the middle of the ribbon and tie a miss it.For baby gift, you can print a lot of small flowers, butterflies and a drop of glue to fix what gift to give volume.And only after making him be present tie, using at its discretion, as the fabric tape and strips of paper, yarn of artificial pearls and much more.