Congratulations friend Happy New Year

Congratulations friend Happy New Year
You will need:
  • Recall dreamed about your girlfriend
  • compose original greeting
  • Congratulate on the phone in the very New Year's Eve
  • choose a gift in advance
  • address the interests and tastes of friends
# 1

If you own New year's Eve you can not see with a friend, congratulate her in advance.Try to remember that she had long wanted to buy myself personally.Maybe it's her favorite eau de toilette or a new mascara.You, like anyone else, we know that he loves girlfriend and what her tastes.Friend, you can give almost any gift.You can select and beautiful stockings with garters and cozy pajamas, shirts and underwear - all what you like to your bosom friend.

# 2

New Year greeting a friend can be a humorous and interesting, if it has a healthy sense of humor.Choose a gift that will delight and amuse your girlfriend.Come up with or find an original congratulation for presenting his surprise.Funny offering must cheer up for a long time.

# 3

If you have the talent to put at least a lit

tle rhyme, try to compose an interesting greeting in the form of a poem.Your favorite girlfriend, no doubt appreciate it.This will require quite a bit of time.Just do not write banal compliments.You absolutely know exactly what you wish for this man in the new year.

# 4

Congratulations necessarily sound from you in the very New Year's Eve New Year.So do not forget to call his girlfriend.Even if you have already congratulated her advance, do it.Wish her and all her family good health, success, good luck and happiness in the coming year.

# 5

good hostess will appreciate bakeware, pans, dishes, women of fashion - fashion accessories and cosmetics, intellectual - training wheels and a rare interesting literature.You know well about the enthusiasm of his girlfriend, so much difficulty by choosing a gift the right direction should arise.

# 6

Never forget about their girlfriends and friends, think of gift ideas for them in advance.Surely, your close friends and friends do not like it when the New Year you present it as a gift for keychains keys or faceless souvenirs.A close friend may even be offended, thinking that your friendship is already does not mean anything to you.