How to thank the surgeon ?

How to thank the surgeon ?
You will need:
  • expensive cognac
  • some money
  • ability to write to thank
  • Bouquet
  • Martini
# 1

Many of us, when is a successful surgeryconducted by our loved ones, we would like to thank the surgeon.But how to do that?It turns out that there are a number of useful ways to help you to find out which method to choose gratitude.

# 2

So the first thing that comes to mind relative of the patient, the surgeon is to repay the money.However, some physicians might be offended or misunderstood you, you stretch them an envelope with money.Money, not because it is wrong.Many people may be trying to do these things, then he returned the envelope and asked not to come anymore.

# 3

The second thing that comes to mind is an expensive cognac.Indeed, many doctors are happy to accept such gifts.Knowing how to thank the surgeon expensive drinks and you can make it enjoyable.Cognac is better to take the French or Armenian, the highest mark.Note the bottle, its appearance.Do not forget that many doc

tors are well versed in cognac brands.So take a good and expensive.

# 4

Another method involves the introduction of a certain amount of money on a mobile phone the doctor.However, this method is suitable for those who are personally acquainted with the surgeon and is rated with on friendly terms.Naturally, the amount of application should not be small.Some smart patients write to thank the Ministry of Health.

# 5

This is one of the best ways doctor Thanksgiving.You will help him in career growth.You can write a gratitude and gorzdravotdela and give the surgeon a good book or a pair of tickets to the theater.Gift of the surgeon does not have to be expensive.The main thing is the taste.Try to give those gifts that would please you.

# 6

Many patients find original ways thanks his doctor.If your doctor is a woman, give her flowers is very correct.You can know in advance what colors she prefers, and give an ornate bouquet.The bouquet can add a bottle of martini and a box of expensive chocolates.