How to pack for a gift ?

How to pack for a gift ?
You will need:
  • sheet of paper
  • adhesive or fusible gun
  • Scotch
  • Packaging tape
  • Soft cloth or colored Felt Paper
# 1

host for making the holiday packagein the form of a chest.As a basis we take the box out of cardboard the size you require.Smazhem box corners with adhesive.Top obtyanem resulting product celebratory cloth with a suitable theme, fixing it on the corners, and add some decorative details in the form of applications, lock, side handles.

# 2

Produce packaging in the form of a huge candy.With the help of paper rolled up roll and, departing from the edge of the 15 cm, tie a piece of candy with duct tape and place the fold line of beautiful ribbons.You can paint the resulting roll comic pictures, poems, humorous greetings, photos or applique.

# 3

How to make packaging for irregularly shaped gift?For the next registration sew a bag of rectangular shape, we get soft packaging.For material you can choose any soft cloth or paper colored fedora.Pack in a gift bag, and tie

a beautiful free edges with tape.

# 4

Produce ball with surprises.This can be a very original and inexpensive gift idea for a child.By preparing in advance the balls, you can bestow upon them all the children who came, for example, on the day of your birth.Even more interesting is not just to hand, and hide them around the home and engage in fun finding all the balls now.Prefabricated surprises that make stuffing balls, you need to wrap the corrugated paper, and eventually we will get a cocoon, presented in the form of a sphere with hidden inside the gifts.

# 5

How to make a box for gift interesting, colorful and individual?Always remember that the hero of the occasion will be pleased if the gift will be issued in accordance with its interests and hobbies.For example, a seamstress and needlewoman presented with a gift box decorated with small glomeruli thread with spokes, the man can be issued in the form of a gift "shirt", this should build a shirt with a collar made of paper, decorated with real buttons and tie.A gift for the motorist can be supplemented by themed crafts, for example, the compositions of the wheels with the steering wheel and a small horn.