sister Happy New Year

You will need:
  • sheet of paper
  • Markers
  • your joint photos
  • Clay
  • Colored paper
# 1

You've probably already guessed, what gift we will do.This poster or wall newspaper, with your joint photographs.Surely you do not just been with her sister at parties, picnics, concerts and many other places.Gather together all the brightest moments captured by the camera.The ideal option would be to collect exactly the pictures that have been made in the past year.Consider the location of each photo on Whatman paper, and draw them nice frame.Here, in the course can go not just markers, but also all kinds of crayons, paint and markers.Under each photo, leave a funny comment.Also, it can be your shared memories, hopes, dreams, how come true, and those whose performance you would expect in the new year.Most importantly, your sister congratulations, should have a sincere and from the heart.But its main direction, comic or sentimental, depends only on you.

# 2

But let's not get distracted, Master contin

ued our wall newspaper.Make of small colored paper envelopes and stick them to your wall newspaper.In them you can put pleasant things: chocolate, greeting cards, money, cosmetics, jewelry.If your wall newspaper has more sentimental area, you can put in envelopes movie tickets to the latest series of "Twilight", as well as tickets to the concert, where you were in the past year, as a reminder of this beautiful evening.

# 3

Congratulations to the New Year should have a bright and cause only positive emotions.If you know how to sew, knit and embroider, you will not be difficult to create a wall newspaper in vintage style.This technique can remind you to create albums in the style of scrap beech.For the base wall newspapers choose a thick cardboard.Next, you can sheathe it as one piece of fabric, and create vivid composition of the various pieces of fabric.Here you will need all your imagination!Cut fabric funny figurines, flowers and lovely smile, and embroider greetings thread of bright color!Surely you can find the old laced ribbons?Feel free to use them in his work!Further, as in the previous glue wall newspaper photos.And instead of using envelopes knitted socks gift.If you have accumulated a lot of shots, and they just do not fit on a Whatman paper, you will approach a wall newspaper with glued or sewn album in the style of "scrap beech," where you can easily put all your vivid memories!