How to determine the depth of soil freezing ?

How to determine the depth of soil freezing ?
You will need:
  • cryopedometer Danilina
  • cryopedometer Ratomskogo
  • Well
  • Casing
# 1

Approximately one month before the next freeze is necessary to select a horizontal platform at the site whereyou need to determine the depth of frost penetration.It should not be on her shrubs or trees within a radius of about two to three medium static freezing depth in the area.

# 2

Boer tip with a diameter 37 mm hole must be cut through.Its depth should be greater than the expected measurement depth of at least 30-40 centimeters.You must select each 10 centimeters of soil samples for the test.

# 3

The next step instructions on how to determine the depth of soil freezing must be done in the well casing to load.The space, which is formed between the ground and the walls of the pipe, it is necessary to fill narrow the sand and compacted.At the ground level of the pipe must be lifted 4-5 centimeters, so as not to stagnate and waste melt or rain water.

# 4

Now we need to take merzlometr Ratoms

kogo and fill a metal tube in it from the ground well done (it has to be clay).Pre-moisten the soil is necessary to such a state that it can be rolled out in the hands.Filled tube must be inserted into the casing, and the magazine lock installation time mr.

# 5

Instead merzlometra Ratomskogo can use merzlometrom Danilina.It is included the rubber tube, which should be filled with distilled water up to the edge.The ends of the tube to plug caproic stopper and quickly dip into the casing.Next, consider the behavior of the sequence of devices and how to find out the depth of frost on them.

# 6

for MR, you must remove the metal tube with the ground, its contents pierce the thin wire (1.5-2 mm).Measure the depth of penetration into the wire and the results appear in the magazine.The tube with the ground bounce back.For MD need to take the tube with distilled water, test the ice bar, to fix its borders and enter the results in the magazine.Tube to return back into the casing.

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