How to open a bottle of champagne ?

How to open a bottle of champagne ?
You will need:
  • facility for training -
  • bottle of champagne ice for cooling
  • dry towel
  • knife or saber
  • Glasses
# 1

Before you beginto the opening of champagne, you need to prepare a bottle: refrigerate for 1 - + 9 ° C, without shaking, to remove all that is on the neck and cork (foil, muzzle - wire mesh).Margin champagne for the first time, the wire can only be weaker, so she held the cap of the shot.Next will be obtained and no extra insurance.But the freeze is not necessary to drink - if strongly cooled, and the tube can not pull out until the bottle is not inflame.

# 2

How to open a bottle of champagne bottle of classic method taken in the left hand (for right-handers) of the thickest part, rests on the chest or abdomen, and is firmly.To hand does not slip with wet glass (wine cool and warm air in the room will lead to the formation of condensation on the glass), the bottom of the bottle can be wrapped dry rough dry towel.With his right hand to keep the cork.The bottle should

be inclined 45 ° - as a stopper inside pressure would be minimal, and even if already sufficiently agitated champagne "shot" is not so strong.Now open the process itself - cork keeps his right hand, and the bottle itself rotates slowly in a clockwise direction, as if twisting.Gradually, the gas comes out and drops the bottle pressure, and then hear a light cotton and carbon dioxide gently push out the cork from the bottle.All you can pour this gorgeous sparkling drink by the glass!

# 3

How to open champagne extreme, but effectively - knife or sword This method is suitable for people who are confident in their abilities, and for lovers of spectacular and extreme actions.The bottle is prepared, as for the classical method - cooled, the slope of 45 ° to the body, one seam on the glass top.Point the bottle neck to the side of the people.A knife or sword, is an island to itself.Put the knife on the bottle and repeatedly example, to hold along the seam - from himself to the neck of the bottle.Examples and sharply hit the traffic jam.Give a few seconds the champagne to flow, so that it washed away the possible fragments and pieces of cork.Next - pour into glasses and enjoy the impeccable taste of the heavenly beverage.

# 4

«Useful notes."Pour the drink should be slow, the walls tilted glass.Fill the glass ¾ full for two passes to the foam had time to settle.Glass to keep the leg or an arm, a hand to not heat the glass and the wine itself.In good champagne wine bubbles of carbon dioxide will be playing for a long time (in some grades - up to 10 hours), and even if it seems that they are completely subsided, the slightest movement of the glass and glassware wall will fly the new portions of the bubbles.Artificially carbonated wine stop playing minutes at 10.