How to choose music for a tea ceremony ?

How to choose music for a tea ceremony ?
You will need:
  • Set for the tea ceremony
  • Tea
  • Discs with musical compositions
# 1

tea ceremony - is a ritual.And so to the preparation of each item must be approached responsibly.The tea ceremony consists of several stages: selection of tea, brewing tea, tea party itself.For ritual use only the finest teas and manipulations are carried out with the help of special tools and fixtures.Of course, all of these actions must be accompanied by a special musical compositions, the choice of which must be conscious and loyal.Given that the tradition of tea ceremonies for thousands of years, it is necessary to study the experience of predecessors.

# 2

Since tea ceremony symbolizes peace and comfort, and the music for the ritual should be appropriate.Very well suited instrumental music.And the oriental roots of these traditions suggest, Chinese motifs.However, you should remember a few rules: the music to have to be a tea ceremony calm, adjusts to the comfort and warmth, not acceptable any hars

h sounds and crashing.

# 3

best to choose long musical composition, because of the fact that the tea ceremony usually lasts for a long time, the transition from one melody should not be harsh, so as not to disturb the already Creation aura.It is believed that from the music that accompanies the tea party, even changing the taste of the tea.There are a few secrets that make the tea ceremony became Covert Action.So, experienced "chaemany" are of the opinion that to bring the water to a boil with the tea brewing, can not, as in this case, "die" tea leaves.And when you fill tea, teapot should be held high above the cup, because the only way the tea is given the opportunity to "breathe."And before the first sip of tea to drink, you must first enjoy its aroma.

# 4

It is worth noting that now on sale there are special discs for the tea ceremony, which brings together the most suitable collection motifs.Such collections of great help for beginners, which is a big problem is how to choose the music.These collections were experienced orientalists, so to make a mistake in this case is impossible.

# 5

If the music for the tea ceremony is chosen correctly, then the ritual will take place according to the rules.The tea ceremony can be a cause for a wedding celebration, the day of childbirth, a new acquaintance.In general, the tea ceremony symbolizes the beginning of something new and pleasant.