How to return the product to the store ?

How to return the product to the store ?
You will need:
  • purchased goods in the packaging and label
  • Warranty
  • sales receipt
  • application for a refund for the goods
  • passport
# 1

When commitpurchase, do not forget to ask for warranty card and receipt.Try not to lose these documents.They will need, if you need to return to the store bought goods.Once in the store is good, inspect your purchase, ask the seller to check for availability.If you buy a few pieces of appellation, show special care.Every pack, carefully check, look at the product shelf life and make sure that it does not have obvious signs of marriage.

# 2

How to return the purchased item, if you find a marriage?Immediately contact the store.Sellers are required to offer you to exchange the defective item for quality.If it does not suit you, you need to request a refund for your purchase.According to the requirements of the Law on Consumer Protection, the seller must be no later than 10 days from the date of the claim to reimburse you the cost of the purchase.

# 3

Application for repayment component at the store manager's name in two copies.One of them is the leadership and demand a sign that the claim is received at the other.To compile this application, you can contact the local department of consumer protection.

# 4

Maybe so: the item purchased is free from defects, but when he comes home, you realize that it just does not suit you.How to return the product to the store, in this case?He put all the labels and the labels must be preserved.Also, it should not be used.In fact, to return the purchased goods back to the shop, is given 14 days from the date of purchase.

# 5

There are products that can be returned only if they find signs of marriage.These goods include cars, books, furniture, fabrics, household chemicals, medicines, underwear, cosmetics and perfumes.

# 6

In case of refusal to return the money to shop for various reasons, you can write a statement to the court.It is not superfluous to conduct an independent examination of the goods.If it turned out that the marriage of production, the seller will be obliged to reimburse the cost of services for the examination.

# 7

Send a lawsuit and attach a copy of the sales receipt and the application for refund.If the court will satisfy your claim, you will be paid money for goods, for examination, and the amount of the fine for late payment and compensation for moral damage.