How to dilute petrol chainsaw ?

How to dilute petrol chainsaw ?
You will need:
  • Petrol AI-92
  • two-stroke synthetic oil
  • Chainsaw
  • net capacity
# 1

To prepare the fuel mixture for the chainsaw, you first need to prepare all the necessary.This will require gasoline AI-92 and AI-95, other lower is not recommended octane rating.We need synthetic motor oil for two-stroke engine.In no case it is not recommended to buy oil for boats, and even more so for the four-stroke engine.

# 2

will also need clean, dry container, as any foreign objects or water droplets can significantly harm heart devices.At the official manufacturer of chainsaws can purchase a number of fuel additives that help improve engine performance.

# 3

If all you need is ready, you can proceed directly to the part of the instructions on how to dilute petrol chainsaw.As a rule, the standard ratio of fuel to oil ratio: 1 to 40 or 1 to 50. However, these values ​​can vary considerably among manufacturers, so it is recommended to read the ratio at the bank with the oil.If a super synthet

ic oil, the concentration will be approximately 1 to 100.

# 4

Excessive addition of oil into fuel for chainsaws will not lead to anything good, but on the contrary will increase the opacity.In a short time the candles and the plunger will start to appear deposits, so it is recommended to monitor exactly how much oil has been added, if more positions - to increase the volume of gasoline.Worse is also a lack of oil in the fuel, on the pistons will soon start appearing teaser.

# 5

About a petrol chainsaw need, mentioned at the beginning of the instructions.Once all ingredients have been shipped in a single container, it is necessary to bury the lid tightly and mix thoroughly.No need to mix excessive amounts of fuel, as the shelf life should not exceed more than one month.Otherwise, it will begin to oxidize and lose all lubricating properties.The use of this fuel mixture will damage the chainsaw.It is recommended to get the chain oil, its use will reduce the amount of fuel consumed.