How nice to decorate a garden for the New Year ?

How nice to decorate a garden for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Glowing cords
  • Garlands
  • Garden figures
  • Tinsel and rain
  • Christmas balls
# 1

Traditionally, the New Year to decorate the house with fir and pinetwigs, tinsel and garlands.But many people forget that you need to take care of the garden.How to decorate it?First of all, decorate trees and shrubs.If there is spruce, then hang it on the balls, tinsel and garland - Christmas beauty is ready for a holiday meeting.If not, you can dress up any tree, it will look beautiful and original.Toys should choose larger than the ones that you decorate Christmas tree home.

# 2

remaining trees also can not be ignored.They can be placed bells that will be tinkling in the wind, rain or additionally hang tinsel.You can also decorate the trees with colorful glowing cord that light bulbs do not heat up.In this case, select, not all trees, but only those that have a nice circuit.

# 3

How beautifully decorate the garden, if only a few garlands and all the trees they are not enough?Excell

ent choice - to choose several small and every twig garlands tie - get glowing tree.It will decorate your garden in the evening.Once you have dressed up trees, we proceed to the garden path.Simple and not expensive way - blind and set snowmen or other pieces of snow.If you have a garden figures that decorate the garden in the summer, and then they come.Decorate them with garlands and tinsel.In addition to all the beauty, set along the tracks flashlights.

# 4

Surprise your guests with original ornaments, made with his own hands.For example, it is possible to make the balls of wicker or vine and decorate their duralight and then place throughout the site.It's very easy, and the impressions will remain for the entire year.Do not forget about the garden - it can also be interesting to decorate.

# 5

Decorate New Year Garden toys made of ice.For this we need a variety of molds, tinsel, pieces of cloth and dyes.The mold pour water, add dye, and then put back colorful elements - tinsel, cloth, sequins, etc.If, after the water froze, decoration hard to get, then pour over it a little hot water.This way you can create and larger pieces, as well as surprise guests from the ice castle.To build it, freeze many dice, and then of them make up the structure.