How to pack a parcel ?

How to pack a parcel ?
You will need:
  • Postal or any other box
  • Wrapping paper or newspaper
  • Clay
  • pen or highlighter
  • Polyethylene packaging
# 1

First, you need to pick up a boxsuitable size.You should take into account the additional density which will give the subject polyethylene packaging.Wrap the package so safe polyethylene needed in the event that the way the subject can break or shatter.If your package is not afraid of transporting, we can not wrap.Then take the box right on the object size, which is about to send.

# 2

Then, before packing parcel, you must make sure that the item does not go in the box.It should not be constantly bob on the wall, it is desirable that it is located confidently in the box so that the space for the movement to do.Otherwise, no matter how robust the object was not, if it will hang in the box, it can get scratched or beaten in some places.Void can be filled with unnecessary papers or all the same packaging with plastic wrap.

# 3

important that the box is well cl

osed.This means that when you put it in her parcel, should be enough space to safely close the box.If it is inflated or not tightly closed, then you run the risk does not send a parcel.Your parcel just can not accept the statement.

# 4

When placed in a parcel box must be sealed parcel.Packing parcels already made at the post office.Before that, the operator checks the contents of the box.Then you can wrap the box or newspapers, or a beautiful wrapping paper.A matter of taste.Of course, you can leave the box in its original form simply by covering it on both sides.The most important thing is not the box itself, and its contents.But if you want to make a beautiful gift, then, of course, better than a box of beautifully wrapped.

# 5

After you have turned the parcel necessary to sign it.For this purpose, the box is necessary to stick a white sheet.And with the help of a pen or felt-tipped pen to write the address, the name and the recipient's name and an index.Just to send, you need to fill in the form in which you want to write the same thing, and in addition your data.