How to determine the noise level ?

How to determine the noise level ?
You will need:
  • sensor
  • Microphone Amplifier
  • frequency filter
# 1

necessity of measuring noise does not occur often.Basically, it is essential for professionals who work in this industry.But if you, for example, bother the neighbors, who can not sleep at night, and you want to provide, for example, the district direct evidence of violations of peace and tranquility in the late hour, it is unlikely he will want to come to you late at night.But you can use special devices that measure the noise level in decibels.

# 2

should be remembered that such devices come in various types, and not all can be found on sale, or even borrow a specialist who deals with such measurements.In addition, for the edification of accurate measurement is important to ensure the absence of all ambient noise, which can significantly affect the outcome.

# 3

How to measure the noise level - for this we need a special device called a sound level meter.It consists of several elements functioning, calibration

accuracy of each of which is important for the accuracy of the result.The ideal option would be to use the device VSV-003-M2 - it has the first class of accuracy, and is used to measure sound vibrations, not only in industrial buildings and structures, as well as in domestic premises, houses, flats, in short, anywhere.

# 4

This precision instrument certainly give you real information about noise in three special scales.Not surprisingly, it is used for measurement in the most difficult industrial facilities, as well as testing of new mechanisms.To understand how to measure the noise level is correct, one must be at least technically savvy person.The fact that each device has a large number of various settings, each of which will influence the measurement result.

# 5

Typically, the sound level meter can not be found in free sale.But Chinese online stores flooded with cheap devices, and this class.You can buy a sound level meter, which will consist of four parts: a microphone, amplifier, sensor, and a special filter.Such a device is hardly accurate, but to get an overall picture of the state of the sound vibrations in the room with it is quite possible.