How to fill the lighter gasoline ?

How to fill the lighter gasoline ?
You will need:
  • Gasoline for lighters
  • Rubber gloves
  • Petrol Lighter
  • Safety glasses
# 1

Before refuel yourself gasoline lighter should be thoroughly ventilate the room inwhich will be carried out refueling.If you refill the lighter will be on the street, the air temperature should be between 18-20 degrees Celsius.We must make sure that it was not near flammable.Tucking lighter, it is recommended to secure a bit: wear rubber gloves and goggles to gasoline did not get in eyes or on exposed skin, as it can go irritation.

# 2

Before refill a cigarette lighter, it is recommended to make sure that it is not exactly fuel left: if it is empty, it will be easier to work with.Answering the question of how to fill the lighter gasoline, it is necessary to carry out a strict sequence of actions in order not to spoil its working mechanism.First, you need to carefully remove the lighter from her body.If it is attached to any terminals, they must be carefully pulled apart so as not to break, as a

rule, they are very fragile.

# 3

When the lighter is separated from the body, you must find in it a valve that should turn up.In the raised position, it opens the compartment for gasoline.Carefully, slowly, it is necessary to fill a new dose of fuel.Be sure that the lighter is not full, and the gasoline did not get on the edges.If this happens, you need to close the valve tightly and wipe lighter cloth with warm water.You can then insert the lighter into the housing.Before you start using, check if there are any places in the course of it, to avoid accidental ignition.

# 4

remains to resolve the issue, a petrol lighter can be used.It is easy to understand that a simple ordinary gasoline car refueling will not work.Buy a special fuel for gasoline lighters today should not be a problem.As a rule, it is sold in stores, which spread themselves zapalivayuschie funds.You can search the online stores.Gasoline lighter applies a small amount - usually between 100 and 250 milliliters, but this will be enough for a few refills.