How to decorate the room of a teenage girl for the New Year ?

How to decorate the room of a teenage girl for the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Balls and rain
  • garland with lights
  • transparent containers of small size
  • Shells, pebbles, glass beads
  • pine or spruce branches
# 1

the main decoration of the room of a teenage girl, of course, will spruce.Her decorate balls of different colors and a garland with lights, leave one ball of different colors to decorate mini compositions.The ceiling of the room decorate blue waves of rain that will symbolize the watery element.On curtains, attach the blue balls, they will simulate a drop of water falling from the ceiling.

# 2

order not to wrestle with how to decorate the room of a teenage girl for the New Year, make a composition with candles.They give the room a fabulous and mysterious in the evening time.Put candles prepared in special glass containers of small size, and then pour them into the shells, glass beads and pebbles.In addition, the container can be put spruce twigs small size and Christmas balls, but watch out that the composition is not lit up.

# 3

various flat surfaces such as desks and tables can also decorate with flowers, small figures of snakes, but remember, the figures have to be a kind and cheerful image of the face.An important decoration of the room, of course, were and remain different snowflakes.Cut them out of colored paper of any color.Decorate windows, doors, ceilings, cabinets, walls, everything you want.

# 4

Of Christmas tree or pine branches can also create beautiful compositions.Twist herringbone twig in a circle and tie the connection with colored tape.Then, the middle and the edges decorate rain, ribbons from the same tape, small toys and figurines of marine animals.Thus, we decorate the New Year with these compositions the room.They can be hung on doors and windows.If the production of wreath you used Christmas decorations, you can decorate a wreath, "snow", using cotton wool.

# 5

To spruce branches looked more impressive, you can cover them with "rime".For this lower threads in brine and dry.If you still have a place that you want to decorate, then they will fit soft snake, a variety of marine figurine.