How can decorate the window sill to the New Year ?

How can decorate the window sill to the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Christmas-tree tinsel
  • Christmas figurines
  • lamp in the form of candles
  • wool, paper snowflakes
  • Paints
# 1

sills in modern homes are often quitelong and wide.They can sit and enjoy the scenery or to arrange the whole installation.Along with these, in fact curtains, building elements, have become an integral part of the interior and can be thematically decorated on one or the other party.

# 2

custom decorate windowsills also often associated with the traditions of Feng Shui, according to which the window as the "eyes" of the house must be clean and nicely decorated.sufficient positive energy flows in this case, it is believed that through the windows into the building.In addition, in order to decorate the window sill, visible from the street, can trigger positive emotions in passers-by, who will be sent to your home.

# 3

How can decorate the window sill in the New Year, so it is visible outside.To this end, the bottom of the window, or on the perimeter of the n

eed to attach furry Christmas-tree tinsel and colored lights, which will create a worthy setting.On the windowsill lay a small bright napkins, preferably red, wool sketch depicting a snow, snowflakes.On top of it set figurines of Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer.

# 4

To small figures could be seen to passersby, they must be installed on fabric or paper to decorate the stand.You can even organize a backlight using light bulbs that are included in the form of mounting pegs.Their light will provide characters and will be beneficial to "play" on the tinsel.At the bottom of the window, you can put pictures in the form of frost, spruce paw with ornaments or execute arbitrary composition festive content.

# 5

If we decorate the new year sill so that it was visible only from the room, then close attention should be paid to the combination of decorative elements with the general style and curtains.On New Year's festivities curtains can be picked up at the sides in suspensions with brushes, and on the sill visible space to install a small Christmas wreath lay lacy napkin, and set light to a single candle or a combination.

# 6

Often, these lamps are shaped like pyramids, and they burn brightly enough to turn off the general lighting and create a romantic atmosphere.Application to the flame candles is not recommended becausein this case you will need to constantly monitor their condition, apart from the celebratory process.