How to make a song of sweets ?

How to make a song of sweets ?
You will need:
  • Candy
  • polysilk
  • thin wire
  • Penoplex
  • Organza
# 1

Before starting production of the candy bouquet, you will need to decide on the color schemeand style to create compositions.The first work is recommended to start with a round of candy.Choose candy on your taste, focusing on color label.By the tone of the label pick up paper polysilk.

# 2

start candy composition should be from the base.You can do the usual bouquet, either buy a large glass and the composition therein, or by using the basket.In any of these cases, you need a basis in which you insert the candy on the legs, and only then, this foundation put at his discretion in the above capacity.

# 3

Before we understand how to make a gift of sweets, you should take a piece of Penoplex, and a knife to cut it to the desired shape, depending on the size of the basket or the glass.If you make a bouquet, will cut a rectangle.Once the form is ready, it obkleyte colored paper to match the composition, the paper is ea

sier to glue glued-pencil.

# 4

After that you can start making flowers.Take the candy.If you do not like the color of the label - you can cut out of colored paper squares and using thin wire to tie a piece of candy.On hot melt glue toothpicks inside, now our candy got legs, cut the excess edges of the paper or labels.

# 5

Next we cut organza small circles or squares, is placed on our toothpick.Use several layers of different colors, creating the shape of a flower that was inside the candy.Secure the thin wire.Upon completion, tighten the transition from the candy to the leg of corrugated strip to hide the traces of the work.

# 6

How to make the composition of chocolates, you already know.Then begins the assembly.You can use tree branches, Christmas toys, cones, beads, artificial fruits, tinsel, candles.A glass or basket filled with various decor, stones or colored salt.Assembling the bouquet depends on the design conceived by you.Insert candy pasted basis, decorating decor.Attach the remaining items will help you and liquid silicone wire.In the end, the resulting composition is a major net wrap the bouquet in tone may ribbons.Your bouquet is ready!