How to decorate the Christmas table?

How to decorate the Christmas table?
You will need:
  • Tablecloth
  • Crockery
  • Candles Napkins
  • original delicious meals, drinks
# 1

decoration Christmas table - an integral part of the pre-holiday bustle.Dream, any dish can be transformed into a table decoration.But some details still must be addressed.

# 2

from tissues can be not only tablecloths but also wipes outfit for chairs and even a bottle.Fabric can drape the table.Plates can be an original way to decorate the beautiful napkins, paper figurines, mini holiday cards, Christmas decorations and Christmas symbols of all.

# 3

New Year's Eve beckons us reflections of light in glasses.You can originally decorate them by attaching to the leg of a tiny decor or ribbon.You can also paint the glasses unusual snow pattern paints for glass.

# 4

Making the New Year table - it is interesting, here can be included and natural materials: Tangerine with applied ornament them from vanilla beans, cloves;cones;mini Christmas trees;berries;fruit - it all looks great on the

table, if the hostess to show imagination.

# 5

candles - one of the most romantic jewelry.It is very effective, appropriate, beautiful decor as if specifically designed for New Year's Eve.Even unpretentious candle placed on a stand of a conventional colored foil, looks extremely charming.

# 6

If the table there are children, you should consider how to decorate the Christmas table, to make them happy - even dishes decorated unconventionally.For example, the Christmas tree from the usual pate, boneless in dill, nestled on the "snow" glade of grated cheese or snegovichkom of cheese and sour cream mass and t. N.

# 7

is easy to "dress" a bottle of champagneIt can turn into Santa Claus.Fruits are sure to attract the attention of visitors, if they are "covered with snow."To do this, you need to boil water with sugar (1: 1), slightly cool, then sprinkle it with syrup fruit, then priporoshit "snow", ie powdered sugar...

# 8

On New Year's table is appropriate to look the composition of fir-tree toys on a real fir branches, various small flashlights.From candles can build an enchanting floating composition: a transparent broad vase filled with water, placed candles on the basis of special foam.Attention to the guests of this composition is guaranteed!