How to arrange a table in the New Year ?

How to arrange a table in the New Year ?
You will need:
  • Tablecloth
  • Crockery
  • Napkins
  • Candles
  • delicious original dishes and drinks
# 1

This hostess carefully consider not only the menu to anycelebration, but also tableware.Beautiful, well-decorated table raises the most inexplicably good mood, appetite, and contributes to a pleasant conversation.He blends in with the surrounding interior makes guests to admire the talents hostess.

# 2

Tablecloth -predmet, without which the holiday table for the New Year is impossible to imagine with her and to start serving table.It is important to consider the color of the tablecloth, it is desirable to give preference to lighter tones nenalyapistym (rather monotonous, but depending on the color tableware, interior room and variations are possible).

# 3

tablecloth is required to be not only clean, but clean and well ironed.Presentable appearance has svezhevyglazhennaya podkrahmalennaya tablecloth.It should cover the corners of the table legs, the ends - to fall by about 30 centim

eters.You can put a cloth under a soft cloth, and then the sound of cutlery will be quite inaudible.

# 4

Utensils should be not only clean but also dry;better from a single set (when a lot of guests are expected, it is possible to put multiple sets, each for 6 people, but it is important that each guest had the same plates, glasses, forks), another will create a sense of disharmony.

# 5

Napkins -Important element serving table.Pick them up or matching tablecloth or, alternatively, on the principle of contrast.Cloth napkins (most often linen) lay folded on the plate at the end of the main stage of serving.To make better use of tissue paper napkin.

# 6

How to arrange a table?The rules are simple.Main dishes must be placed on the perimeter, the center can hoist the "corporate" hostess dish or a dish with the best design idea.Bottles are placed on the table and opened just before seating the guests.Exception - champagne, opened it before the actual spreading of the glasses.Juices, fruit must be in decanters.

# 7

flowers perfectly complement the tableware.Submit they must be in the low, stable vase so that the faces of the guests and access to the dishes they are not closed.Choose their best to match the dishes or tablecloths.On the table you can put candles, small statues on New Year theme, decorate it with helium balloons.Experiment with color, with registration of festive meals, pick an unusual, original jewelry for the table, and then the guests are sure to delight your skills.