How to make a New Year's fireworks ?

How to make a New Year
You will need:
  • Money
  • Shop pyrotechnics
  • outdoor area
  • Caution
# 1

First you have to decide what scale should be fireworks: for a small group of friends torun it on a neighboring yard on New Year's night, or for a large organization.In the second case it is necessary to turn to professionals who provide Pyrotechnic Services.Of course, you will spend a significant amount, but the result will impress your colleagues, partners and sponsors.If you wish, the sky will light up the most bizarre pieces of fire.Before you order fireworks, ask whether the firm has a license, whether there is the Internet a positive feedback on its work.

# 2

If you need a small fireworks display, which you'll start in the company of family and friends, learn the range of shops in the area.As a rule, in late December, New Year's fireworks can be purchased at every corner: in the stalls, in the transitions, stores, malls.Not worth chasing low prices and buy products from street vendors: it may be of poor qualit

y.At best, the fireworks did not ignite and at worst - can be injured, get burned.The best solution - to buy fireworks and firecrackers in specialized stores, where sales consultants will help you make a choice, talk about safety.

# 3

in the dark New Year's Eve will be difficult to make out what is written on the package, so read the instructions beforehand.The higher the rocket explosion happens, the safest fireworks.Manufacturers usually specify the distance at which it is necessary to move away from the fireworks, the duration and the number of shots.

# 4

Think about where you will make the launch of missiles.Usually fireworks on New Year's run at the nearest open area.It is important that the place was really open, no trees, power lines.Houses should be located at least 100 meters away from the launch site of pyrotechnics.It is unacceptable that a number of settled inflammable, explosive objects.

# 5

New Year's Eve go outside with fireworks, matches or a lighter.You can not trust children to launch rockets.When the ignition of fireworks, try not to bend over him and immediately run to a safe distance.If you notice that the package is damaged, damp or the product is overdue - throw or expose his life to danger.If the ignition wick nothing happened, do not come to the fireworks and check its condition, as there is a danger of explosion late.