How to decorate a table vegetables on New Year ?

How to decorate a table vegetables on New Year ?
You will need:
  • Diligence
  • Solid vegetables of different colors
  • Special knives for cutting
  • Table knife, toothpicks
# 1

Carving (from the English "cut".)It requires care and diligence.Highlight a few hours of free time and fully dedicate their attention to the mastery of this useful art.2. If there is a possibility - purchase special comfortable knives with different blades - so you can cut the necessary accessories to decorate quickly.Otherwise, you will be able to manage and ordinary table knife, only time to cut some of the details you have to spend a lot more.

# 2

options of how you decorate the table vegetables can be gleaned not only from the culinary program, but also by connecting your imagination.Think about what vegetables you have on hand and what you can cut out of them, you want to see in the New Year's table.Naturally, this tree and all-everything that is connected with a Christmas theme, as well as all your favorite colors.

# 3

from conventional potato using a t

able knife and toothpicks can make exquisite roses.Potatoes should be pre-cleaned, cut into very thin slices, gradually stringing and the bottom edge of a toothpick to form an unopened rosebud.Then these "buds" we just fry in a pan with sunflower oil.After this treatment, our "Rose" bloom a little and become a decoration of any New Year dish.

# 4

a similar way, "rose" can be made from durum radish.Just fry these roses do not need, just to floss them is not so tightly strung.Thus, there can be different kinds of ornaments on your New Year's table.Slicing vegetables round slices, laying them in a circle, you can create a wide variety of flowers lilies.For this is perfect and the onions, and tomatoes, and all-everything that is at hand.

# 5

What a festive table for the New Year without a Christmas tree.The easiest option for producing such Christmas trees - cut it from a fresh cucumber.Bottom cut the cucumber, so he could stand upright on the desk, and then a small knife cut out triangles, removing them.Another option - is to cut the cucumber in half lengthwise, one part used as a stand in the second to do all the same as in the first embodiment, after removing the middle of a with seeds.Thus, a festive New Year's table you can cut the tree two options.

# 6

Remember that decorating taste should be combined perfectly with the dish that you are decorating.Otherwise, you risk getting an elegant, but not claimed dish.So make sure to check the combination of flavors before serving.